Ecomed Solutions Introduces HEMAsavR™ - A New Option For Blood Management

New blood capture and transfer device optimizes blood salvage while reducing costs and risks associated with allogeneic transfusions


MUNDELEIN, Ill., April 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ecomed Solutions, the developer and manufacturer of innovative healthcare solutions, has created and unveiled HEMAsavR™, a new device and option for blood capture and transfer that will help medical professionals reduce costly and complex allogeneic blood transfusions.

In any surgery, there is the potential for blood loss, but it is difficult to predict who will bleed and harder still to efficiently and economically salvage blood. HEMAsavR is a unique sterile collection and transfer device that does not require specialized resources for collection. This enables medical professionals and hospitals interested in blood management to economically collect more viable sterile and anti-coagulated blood for evaluation for cell salvage processing and return to the patient.

“Allogeneic transfusions are among the costliest contributors to healthcare expenditures,” said David Yurek, CEO of Ecomed Solutions. “Reducing the need for allogeneic transfusions has a dramatic impact on healthcare costs and patient outcomes. Further, as our healthcare system is strained by shrinking donor pools, HEMAsavR can reduce that burden and improve care by providing a patient’s own blood back to them.”

According to AABB, nearly 14 million allogeneic red cell units are transfused per year. These transfusions cost hospitals billions of dollars and can result in longer hospital stays, infection and even patient death.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to collect more of the patient’s own blood, and HEMAsavR provides us with an effective way to do that,” said Gary Koenig, CEO of Comprehensive Blood Management Inc. “Allogeneic blood transfusions have long been an integral and necessary part of healthcare delivery throughout the world, but with HEMAsavR we can decrease the exposure to and risks of transfusion and achieve better patient outcomes while decreasing associated costs. Having HEMAsavR in the OR is a win-win proposition for the patient and hospital.”

HEMAsavR is universally compatible with surgical suction and ATS systems, making it easy to integrate into current protocols. The device is especially beneficial to hospitals that perform Cardiac, Vascular, Orthopedic, Organ Transplant, Trauma, OB/GYN, Thoracic, General, Neurosurgery and Urology procedures. It also offers a critical care solution for treating patients who refuse transfusions for religious or other reasons.  

Visit HEMAsavR for more information. Download a brochure. View a product demo.

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