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RED Shield Protection Announces Its Unique Coverage Plans

Overland Park, Kanas, April 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RED Shield Protection glad to announce to its esteemed customers and would-be clients that it has a whole range of coverage plans of which are designed to meet individual needs of car owners across the board.  RED Shield Protection understands that mechanical breakdowns can be far too costly for any car owner besides the inconvenience and stress that comes with breakdowns. This is the reason are pleased to announce that every protection plan with a free emergency roadside assistance and trip interruption coverage --all at no extra charge.

Our business is ensuring that your travel is not adversely affected by mechanical breakdowns of your car, which is why we have an arrangement for a rental car to enable you move while we repair your car. With RED Shield, you are assured of a reliable protection since we are among the companies insured by an insurance company with Red Shield Protection BBB rating of "A+" an indicator that we are one of the most reputable insurance companies in the industry with a stunning record of timely claim settlement. Here are some of the plans that you may choose to have under our range of plans:

The WRAP plan seeks to expand the manufacturer's long-term powertrain coverage in the sense that it includes all the vehicle parts. Whether your parts wear out or break, you don't have to worry since you are covered.

This level of coverage is perhaps the best you can carry since it covers virtually all mechanical and electrical parts except a few exclusions such as wear and tear items as detailed in the contract forms.

This coverage includes coverage for electrical, Front & rear suspension, powertrain, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Electronics, Air Conditioning, Cooling, Interior and exterior components, and Fuel Delivery.

The reason we call it preferred is because it is one-in-all coverage that includes all of the RED Shield Powertrain coverage, including all the components that fail quite often such as the Steering (Manual or Power), Front Suspension, Air Conditioning, Sport utility, Brakes and basic electronics.

If you care more about the most expensive components of car, then this coverage plan would be the most suited for you. It covers basic powertrain, Transmission (automatic or standard), Turbo or Supercharger.

We have carefully designed our product so that every car owner feels appreciated. With our car rental coverage, we take care of all the expenses of a rental car while your car is under repair. It also comes with trip interruption benefits which pays for breakdown services for a distance of up to 100 miles away from your residence. Remember that all of the packages we offer can be used anywhere in the country, so you do not have to worry about where you are. In the event you sell your car, it is allowed to transfer the coverage to the next car owner, which goes a long way to increase the value of your car. With RED Shield Protection, you plus the car is well cared for so you can rest assured that you will complete all your travels without any inconveniences.

Here is a summary of what you stand to benefit from our wide coverage plans:
• 24/7 roadside assistance
• Nationwide service
• Multiple plans for
• 24/7 customer support
• Record low price guarantee
• Affordable payment plans
• Money back guarantee

Founded on the strong premise that the customer is king, RED Shield Auto Protection understands that car breakdowns can be stressful so we have an extended warranty for virtually all automobiles agreements. We are committed to providing the best plans to all our clients at affordable costs across the country.