InCapta, Inc Announces Quarter 1 2019 revenues and Congratulates Tiger Woods on His Masters Victory and 5th Green Jacket

Cheyenne, Wyoming, UNITED STATES

Revenue for January-March 2019 for Incapta, Inc

CHEYENNE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After InCapta, Inc’s recent acquisition of Banana Box Wholesale Grocery in early January 2019, the company wasted no time in generating revenue for the Quarter. Banana Box Wholesale Grocery was recently purchased by InCapta, Inc. Ean Martin, Chief Operating Officer for InCapta, Inc said, “The gross revenue for the quarter exceeded our expectations and outperformed projections. January revenue exceeded $100,000, February revenue at $92,000 and March was in excess of $32,000 giving us a total of $226,000.00 for the First Quarter of 2019. Please see for revenue information.

Chairman and President, Gregory Martin said, “We knew we were close to turning the corner and we see no reason that revenue will not continue as a result of our wholesale grocery acquisition. We believe 2019 will be great year as we move the business plans forward. This is one of several exciting acquisitions the company has planned for the future and we believe golf is going to be out next exciting acquisition.”

InCapta, Inc would like to congratulate Tiger Woods on his 5th Green Jacket as he bested a talented and star-studded field in Augusta, Georgia by winning the Masters. Tiger Woods made a great comeback to go on to win yet another Major Championship. InCapta, Inc believes that the company will also make a comeback. Look for more golf news from InCapta, Inc in the near future.

Letter to the shareholders:

We wish to thank the shareholders of Incapta, Inc. for their support. We receive many inquiries and value each of our shareholders. We would also like to remind everyone that when new management assumed the helm of InCapta, Inc., in 2017, the Company had massive debt and at that, it was increasing. New Management has since reduced yearly expenses and debt been reduced by over 90% while substantially increasing revenues since the recent acquisition.

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We believe the new golf shaft and golf ball technology will Look for more updates soon on various aspects of the new golf company and other ventures InCapta, Inc believes it will deliver on in the near future.  

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