HDI Unveils Brand Relaunch and Expands Capabilities Across Technical Support and Service Management in Support of its Community

New branding reflects HDI’s mission to help its customers deliver smarter service, resulting in better business outcomes

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HDI, the leading organization dedicated to elevating service and support across the enterprise, announces a relaunch that aims to reinforce its commitment to the community and its mission to advance the strategic value of the technical support and service management industry. To align with the launch, HDI has expanded its technical support and service management offerings to empower industry professionals to advance their careers, build their networks, and drive valuable connections. These new initiatives push HDI to the forefront of the industry by providing customers with the tools needed to drive business value at higher levels and manage the ever-changing trends and complexities of technology and customer service.

For more information about HDI’s new initiatives, please visit: thinkhdi.com/

“We’re often asked: What does HDI stand for?” said Tara Gibb, Group Portfolio Director, HDI. “The answer is that we stand for helping our customers – both organizations and their teams – deliver smarter service, resulting in better business outcomes. We offer our customers the most up-to-date resources needed to achieve those outcomes.”

According to HDI’s 2018 State of Enterprise Service Management report, 41% of the HDI community supports two or more business areas, including service desk, desktop support, service management, HR, finances, and more. This indicates that more and more medium to large globally-oriented businesses are moving to an enterprise-level view of IT through delivery of services across these functional areas. As the industry expands to navigate these new business areas, HDI continues to evolve in order to lead organizations through the changes and enable continued growth and advancement. As a consistent and reliable resource in the industry, HDI’s rebranding is a natural next step in its mission to advance the strategic value of technical support and service management.

“HDI’s 30-year history has always been rooted in empowering service and support professionals to navigate our complex industry as it continues to grow and broaden its scope of service,” said Gibb. “With our expanded capabilities and new branding, we are excited to renew our commitment to our customers and provide the community with a reliable, reputable resource for technical support and service management organizations as they work to advance their organizations.”

Along with the evolution of technical service and support, HDI’s 2018 State of Enterprise Service Management report shows that nearly two-thirds of organizations (66%) are either using or planning to adopt the principles of service management outside of IT, up from 51% in 2014. Among the organizations that have expanded service management to non-IT areas, 52% say employee satisfaction has increased, with 75% saying productivity has increased. This speaks to the positive impact the adoption of service management principles is having on businesses, making it essential for HDI to provide expanded resources.

To address this, HDI has added a unique suite of service management courses and consulting assessments to its portfolio, as well launched the inaugural Service Management World conference and expo. With the addition of these resources to HDI’s already expansive coverage of service management through its content and research, HDI remains a leader of the industry, helping the community navigate change and drive service innovation and optimization. Through HDI’s comprehensive lineup of training and certification courses, industry-leading annual conferences, consulting services, networking opportunities, and insightful research and resources, these new capabilities provide an opportunity for organizations to drive change, harness knowledge, transform teams, and make connections.

To establish HDI’s commitment to the technical support and service management community, HDI will continue to host its staple events that provide education and insight into the latest trends, technology, and research impacting the industry. Events include:

Service Management WorldNovember 11-13, 2019, Orlando, FL
Service Management World sets the standard for performance improvement at both the organizational and professional levels to address the unique needs of service management decision makers by focusing solely on tangible outcomes and strategies to maximize organizational value. Combining interactive, outcome-oriented education and meaningful networking, Service Management World explores the strategic and tactical elements of the optimal service management strategy for your IT operation and across the enterprise. The world’s most experienced and respected industry experts gather to present on important topics such as digital transformation, enterprise service management, customer experience management, DevOps, ITIL, and more.

SupportWorld LiveApril 19-24, 2020, Las Vegas, NV
In 2020, HDI Conference & Expo transforms into SupportWorld Live. SupportWorld – HDI’s newsletter that has long been a key content engine for HDI’s conference – is the most respected content resource for professionals in the technical support and service management community. A trusted brand, it is the undisputed voice of the community and a go-to source for the most valuable job and industry specific information. The SupportWorld brand will now be extended to the name of HDI’s premier community event: HDI Conference & Expo. SupportWorld Live will continue to offer impactful sessions, hands-on trainings, and innovative research to address the professional development needs of the full continuum of service management and technical support practitioners from frontline through executive.

To download HDI’s ‘The State of Enterprise Service Management’ research report, please visit: thinkhdi.com/Landing/executive-summary-the-state-of-enterprise-service-management  

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