Boston & Paris (TradeTech Europe), April 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HPR (Hyannis Port Research), provider of advanced capital markets infrastructure (CMI) technologies, today announced the launch of CRM-X, the newest version of its Central Risk Manager (CRM). CRM-X provides a real-time, pan-regional view of risk that encompasses all equities markets globally, solving one of the most significant operational challenges faced by global banks and trading firms, who typically manage operations via regional silos.

Commenting on the launch of CRM-X, Anthony Amicangioli, Founder and CEO of HPR, said: "A unified, global, pre-, at- and post-trade risk management system has long been an aspirational goal of the industry’s most sophisticated brokers and trading entities. CRM-X will enable firms to ‘follow the sun’ and leverage cross-regional margin accounts globally.”

CRM-X is powered by HPR’s advanced Unimus framework, a highly unified, service-oriented architecture that underpins the firm’s entire technology platform. Unimus enables CRM-X to provide management teams with a single view of risk across more than 90 markets globally despite their disparate regulatory requirements, currencies and market structures.

“Without question, there is a movement today toward a singular, global trading grid that emulates the service-oriented architectures employed by the largest cloud-native technology companies,” said Amicangioli. “The major banks and trading firms appreciate the remarkable efficiencies these architectures provide. The launch of CRM-X on the Unimus framework is another example of how HPR is extremely focused on helping them to achieve that vision.”

The launch of CRM-X closely follows the introduction of other significant new offerings by HPR as the company continues to broaden its product portfolio. In November, HPR launched Omnibot, the industry’s first networking device that integrates direct market access, risk management, data delivery and latency capture functionality into a multi-application switch. Earlier in the year, HPR completed the global rollout of its Riskbot® platform, an ultra-low latency market access and pre-trade risk management system that now includes support for the critical HK-China Stock Connects

Tom Wilson, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, added: “We spent our first years at HPR working on developing the industry’s most advanced trading platform and hardware. We then widened our focused to enhance our software, networking and application framework. Our two most recent products – Omnibot and CRM-X – represent the fruits of that strategy. We are excited about these launches and believe that HPR is well-positioned to continue helping the industry’s leading market participants transform their technology infrastructures, and effectively compete over the coming decades.”

About HPR (Hyannis Port Research)

Headquartered in Boston, HPR is a leading provider of high-performance enterprise solutions that power the industry’s leading brokers, clearing firms, market makers and quantitative hedge funds. The firm’s visionary technology strips away complexity and injects simplicity to drive results. HPR’s products, all of which are offered as a fully managed service, include: Omnibot, Riskbot® and Softbot®, which provide ultra-low latency Direct Market Access and pre-trade risk management; CRM-X, an intuitive and powerful user interface for managing system-wide risk controls; and Unimus™, a highly unified technology framework and service-oriented architecture upon which a user’s entire capital markets infrastructure (CMI) stack can be built. For more information, visit


Mark Dowd
Forefront Communications for HPR