Joint Venture Brings to Market Anti-aging Products Based on Breakthrough Data

Nutent Therapeutics, Inc. and GeN, Ltd. Announce Formation of Rejuvalan, LLC


BOCA RATON, Fla., May 01, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rejuvalan, LLC today announced its launch and its mission to bring readily available, scientifically validated anti-aging products to market. The initiative is driven by data which shows how Rejuvalan’s products can change cells from older people in such a way as to copy the biology of rare species that are resistant to aging. Beyond this, the data also showed that impaired capacity caused by aging was reversed in unique experimental systems, including measures of mental capacity, anxiety and movement. The data was presented at the world’s largest anti-aging conference, Undoing Aging 2019, and a patent has been filed.

This proof of concept was validated by conducting a study of VOLT03, a pharmaceutical-grade product made from complexed curcumin. This natural plant compound was studied in multiple ways to demonstrate a robust reversal of aging in tissue from aged humans and complex models of aging. VOLT03 is planned to be one component of Rejuvalan’s first novel anti-aging product.

“Rejuvalan’s aim is to discover medicines that will help people live longer, healthier and more active lives,” said Dr. Patricia Cogram, Rejuvalan’s CSO. “Our study showed that curcumin, in the highly bioavailable form of VOLT03, has previously undemonstrated potential as an anti-aging product. For us, it has been a major breakthrough to show that a marketable product can change human tissue to show the biology of a species called the naked mole rat. Researchers have shown the naked mole rat is resistant to aging and cancer. Inducing this change led to a reversal of cellular deterioration in tissues from older humans and functional improvement in aged species during our experiments.”

“Aging is a part of life but one we will always study, as so much can be prevented to make our years the most enjoyable and to take care of those we love,” said Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation. “What’s particularly unique and exciting about this is that others have done curcumin studies on aging and failed. They’ve hypothesized that it could work, but no one had really done the work to prove it. Rejuvalan’s study on VOLT03 is the first to give us this promising data.”

“It is amazing to see the direction this is going and that these trials are bearing fruit,” said Richard P. Becker Jr., CEO of Rejuvalan. “It’s rewarding. You start something because you want to help people, and it takes a life of its own. We knew we had a great product, but we chose very intentionally to start with science instead of flashy marketing. This is about science and delivering clinical benefit to patients.”

About RejuvalanRejuvalan, LLC is a newly formed joint venture between GeN Ltd. and Nutent Therapeutics, Inc. The company was registered in Delaware with a primary focus on developing and commercializing Anti-aging compounds. Richard P. Becker Jr., CEO of Nutent Therapeutics, Inc., will be appointed the new CEO of Rejuvalan. The company is currently planning a Series A funding round to launch its products and has filed a patent for VOLT03 in Anti-aging. Rejuvalan’s first product will be a novel combination with VOLT03 and another Geroprotector currently under validation using the ventures screening platform.

About VOLT03The active ingredient in the turmeric plant (curcuma longa), curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant shown to improve brain function, among its many benefits. Though its absorption had been scientifically challenging leading to poor bioavailability in the bloodstream. Last year, VOLT03, the first highly purified and well-regulated pharmaceutical-grade curcumin became commercially available.

Curcumin’s absorption in VOLT03 is improved through the complexation with Pharmaceutical-grade gamma cyclodextrin, boosting solubility and ultimately bioavailability. It dissolves completely in water and reaches the bloodstream in high concentration (39 times more than common curcumin), therefore being more potent, less frequently dosed and available in smaller, easy-to-take capsules. VOLT03’s pharmaceutical-grade quality makes it unique in the marketplace and in a published clinical trial, demonstrated greater bioavailability to both Meriva® (4.5 fold) and BCM-95® two enhanced curcumins.

The data presented were gathered during administration of VOLT03 in vitro on fibroblasts from aged humans, and in vivo in aged mice and the Octodon degus. The Octodon degus is a long-lived rodent,which is a small diurnal rodent that spontaneously develops cognitive decline with concomitant phospho-tau, β-amyloid pathology and neuroinflammation in brain. In addition, the Octodon degus can develop several other conditions like type 2 diabetes, cataracts, macular and retinal degeneration and atherosclerosis, conditions that are often associated with aging. Long-lived animals like the Naked Mole Rat and the Octodon degus are realistic models to study multifactorial and complex processes like aging. Rejuvalan uses human cell systems, transgenic and old mice, as well as like-men long-live animal models (Hurley, 2018).

Published data shows that the Octodon degus, a relative of the naked mole rat, is a particularly suitable model for human aging. Data from these experiments were compared to findings derived from a study of the naked mole rat, a species known for its cancer resistance and extreme longevity. VOLT03 induced statistically significant changes in the molecular biology of the naked mole rat, reversed cellular signs of aging in tissue and improved senescence induced changes in functionof the aged mouse and aged Octodon degus.VOLT03 showed statistically significant robust improvements in: 

  • Increased expression of DNA protecting genes
  • Improved expression of DNA repair genes
  • Reduced age-related inflammatory genes
  • Ameliorating cognitive decline
  • Improved activity
  • Improved age-related behaviors like muscle strength, anxiety and dependent tests of daily living within the brain’s hippocampus



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