LONDON, May 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zappar, a leading global developer of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences and creative tools, today announced the launch of a slew of new features to their AR content creation platform ZapWorks Studio, providing brands, agencies and independent creators with a one-stop shop for building immersive augmented, virtual and mixed reality experiences.

“This new update is our most impressive release to-date and makes ZapWorks Studio one of the most versatile and scalable AR platforms currently on the market, continuing our mission to build the most accessible, affordable and feature-rich toolkit for AR creators across the globe,” commented Caspar Thykier, CEO and co-founder of Zappar.

Advancing the last iteration of the software, which prioritized lowering the barrier to entry by enabling creatives without coding knowledge or development background to build interactive short-form content for mobile, ZapWorks Studio 6 aims to put more power and functionality into the hands of the creative community. This level of control means that AR creators can build the widest range of fully customizable AR experiences possible without compromising on speed or ease of use.

Notable new features include:

  • World Tracking — In addition to best-in-class image tracking, ZapWorks Studio 6 gives AR developers even more creative freedom with the addition of world tracking powered by ARKit & ARCore. Build once and instantly publish across both iOS and Android.
  • Beta Mobile WebAR support — Mobile WebAR support for ZapWorks Studio is now available in open beta. Zappar is road testing the technology while browser support continues to improve. In the long run mobile WebAR will help to circumnavigate the perceived user friction of an app download and associated installation time while retaining all-important access to first-party data.
  • Face Tracking — Studio now supports powerful computer vision facial tracking algorithms, enabling AR developers to create more expressive face-tracked experiences using ZapWorks Studio’s new built-in UI. 
  • Sketchfab integration — Access to Sketchfab’s extensive library of over two million 3D models, characters, scenes, and environments directly in ZapWorks Studio. Powered by Zappar’s support for the gITF 3D model format, creatives can search and import chosen models quickly and reliably.

Sketchfab CEO, Alban Denoyel, commented on the new Sketchfab integration: “Sketchfab’s mission has always been about making it as easy as possible to find, publish and share 3D content with the world, having Zappar (and ZapWorks Studio) as one of our key partners further expands this mission into the world of AR”.

Thousands of creatives already use ZapWorks Studio to build AR experiences that engage audiences and level-up their brand’s mobile app strategy — from small businesses and creative agencies to big brands such as the BBC and Oath.

Peter Maddalena, Director at VRCraftworks added: “ZapWorks Studio has become an essential tool for us to create engaging AR content for our clients — transforming their products, campaigns and ideas into interactive experiences that generate engagement, spontaneous media, and financial return. With every Studio upgrade, we are better equipped with the strategic tools to produce quality experiences while positioning ourselves as innovative and forward-thinking to our customers — a win-win situation.”

To download or learn more about ZapWorks Studio 6, please visit:

About Zappar
Zappar is the world leader in augmented reality (“AR”) on mobile devices accessible through its free-to-download app on iOS and Android. Zappar specializes in AR-enabled products and entertainment experiences: working closely with brands, license partners and retailers across the world to produce innovative, customizable market-leading solutions as bite-sized entertainment. Partners include Rovio, Activision, Sony Pictures, Sony Music, Warner Bros, Hasbro, Universal Pictures, Pedigree Books, Crocs, Morphsuits,, Coca-Cola and Asda among others.

About ZapWorks
ZapWorks is an award-winning independent AR content creation platform used by creatives across the globe who want the freedom and flexibility to build the most expressive AR experiences without the reliance or constraints of a social media platform.

About Sketchfab
Sketchfab is empowering a new era of creativity by making it easy for anyone to publish and find 3D content online. With a community of millions of creators who have published millions of models, Sketchfab is the largest platform for immersive and interactive 3D. Additionally, the Sketchfab store lets buyers and sellers transact 3D models with confidence using their real-time viewer and model inspector.

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