Twistlock Deepens Collaboration with Red Hat

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, Red Hat Universal Base Image & Operators Framework Now Supported with Twistlock Security

PORTLAND, Ore., May 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Twistlock, a leader in container and cloud-native cyber security, today announced an extension of their collaboration with Red Hat which enables interoperability with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, the Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI) and the Kubernetes Operator Framework. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform, powering a wide spectrum of hybrid cloud production deployments globally and across industries. The Red Hat Universal Base Image is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux-derived base image for building containerized applications and was selected by Twistlock to provide the image base layers—from vulnerability and compliance scanning to runtime protection and cloud-native firewalling.

"On premises or in the cloud, across containers, virtual machines and serverless—our mutual customers trust Red Hat and Twistlock to provide a scalable, performant and more secure environment to power their DevSecOps transformation," said John Leon, vice president of business development and strategic alliances at Twistlock.

A userspace image derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux for building Red Hat certified Linux containers, the Red Hat Universal Base Image is available to all developers with or without a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription. It provides a more secure and reliable foundation for building enterprise-ready containerized applications. Applications built with the Universal Base Image can be run anywhere and will experience the benefits of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux life cycle and support from Red Hat when run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 provides a powerful foundation for hybrid cloud computing, stretching from the datacenter to public cloud infrastructure, and is backed by our extensive partner ecosystem,” said Mike Werner, senior director, Global Technology Partner Ecosystems, Red Hat. “We’re pleased to collaborate with Twistlock as they work to expand the security technologies available to our customers as they deploy cloud-native and containerized applications.”

Additionally, Twistlock has built a Kubernetes Operator for deploying Twistlock Enterprise on Kubernetes using the Operator Framework and native support for Helm charts. An Operator is a method of packaging, deploying and managing a Kubernetes application. Though Twistlock is simple to deploy on Kubernetes with native YAML manifests or Helm, some enterprises want to standardize on operators to further automate their Kubernetes applications. The Twistlock Operator is now certified in the EAP and listed in the Red Hat Container Catalog, the OpenShift Marketplace, and on

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