ARLINGTON, Va., May 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An app powered by Firstly Mobile – Mobile Posse’s next-gen mobile content discovery platform that turns telecom companies into mobile media leaders – was recently recognized as one of the best apps at engaging users’ attention from the moment a mobile user unlocks their device. Verto Analytics’ report titled The Mobile Unlock Journey described MetroZONE as “the carrier app that’s built for unlock content discovery” - and ranked it higher than many well known social and messaging apps known for user engagement.

Verto Analytics’ report brought focus to an area that’s previously received too little attention - what happens the moment the device is unlocked. One of the solutions in the Firstly Mobile suite, FirstApp, intelligently presents personalized content at unlock - but only when the user is receptive. If Firstly Mobile’s engine determines that the user is engaged or occupied, the platform continues to curate content in the background.

“The results provided by Verto Analytics validate our vision of providing frictionless access to personalized content on smartphones, especially given the increasing number of times people unlock their device with no particular app in mind,” said Jon Jackson, Mobile Posse CEO. “These ‘appnostic’ moments, as we call them, are when the user is simply looking for something to entertain or inform them - and that’s exactly when Firstly Mobile’s feed gets presented to them post unlock.”

To understand which apps engage consumers best at unlock, Verto Analytics measured how often an app is launched by the unlock event and the likelihood of the user engaging with the app when it’s launched by unlock. MetroZONE, the carrier app powered by Firstly Mobile, scored in the top 5 on both dimensions - including having better unlock engagement than Facebook, SnapChat and WhatsApp among others.

“We believe that with better OS logic, user interface design and contextual logic applied to the moment of unlock, it would be possible to improve the unlock engagement ratio significantly,” said Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics.

“Our mission at Mobile Posse is to develop a smarter smartphone - and one of the ways to do that is to perfect the unlock moment,” added Jackson. “We’re glad Verto has taken a deep dive look at unlock engagement and showed how it can be a huge opportunity for telecom players.”

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