SAN FRANCISCO, May 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anaxi today announced the availability of its first native desktop apps for both MacOS and Windows, enabling product development teams to manage their software projects in GitHub and GitHub Enterprise, as well as Jira Cloud and Server without having to switch between apps. Anaxi previously announced an iPhone app.

Providing the capability to filter information in GitHub and Jira, the application helps users stay on top of priorities without the time-consuming process of manually sorting and prioritizing the constant stream of information updates. Users have full control over activities they see, which are listed in a feed view. This helps users keep track of new activities since their last session.

Anaxi’s app is the only one available for both desktops and the iPhone with support for the four million users of Jira Server.

To maintain data privacy & security, the Anaxi app connects directly to the users’ Github repositories and/or Jira projects. Any action performed on the Anaxi app is written back on GitHub and Jira, so other team members will not see any difference and individual users can use the Anaxi app with no impact on other team members. Data is always synchronized so users can switch how they access GitHub and Jira from the Anaxi app on their desktop or iPhone or by directly accessing GitHub or Jira.

“Jira has become a critical project tracking tool for many organizations,” said Leela Suppiah, general manager of Atlassian Solutions at ServiceRocket, which partners with leading companies like Atlassian, Facebook (Workplace), Mattermost, and others to deliver software adoption services. “What Anaxi does is significantly enhance the dev experiences by putting everything you want and need right at your fingertips, significantly reducing clutter.”

Also, the Anaxi app provides customization so projects can be organized into folders and activities can be color-coded with status. These personalization capabilities help improve productivity in order to keep product development projects on schedule.

“As product developers ourselves, we’re tired of the constant interruptions of beeps, pings, and buzzes that distract us from our work and make us less productive,” said John Lafleur, COO of Anaxi. “That is what led us to deliver product development teams with a new way to tame notifications.”

For more information and to see examples, go to Anaxi, maker of project management software that helps engineering organizations increase collaboration among different teams, currently offers free versions of its applications for MacOS, Windows and the iPhone.

About Anaxi
Co-founded by Marc Verstaen (previously executive vice president of product development at Docker) and John Lafleur (previously CEO at CodinGame) in December 2017, Anaxi is the system of record for software engineering organizations that need to facilitate decision processes. Anaxi opens a new data-driven era for engineering organizations, empowering them to better allocate their development time and resources.

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