HODL RALLY Pledges Percentage of Profits from Upcoming Crypto-Inspired Supercar Rally to Support TEWBIT Foundation

HODL RALLY founder and CEO calls for support of Ghana’s most needy children

LONDON, May 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CryptoCurrencyWire – HODL RALLY, the world’s first cryptocurrency-inspired supercar rally, today announces it is using its leading position to raise funds and awareness for Tetnight Education & Wellbeing International (TEWBIT), a West Africa-based foundation that helps children get a quality education and learn skills to become self-sufficient farming and agriculture leaders. In support of this cause, HODL RALLY organizers have pledged 15% of the profits from their upcoming European event to the foundation.

HODL RALLY is an eight-day, eight-city European supercar rally taking place June 30-July 7, combining blockchain conferences with parties, club takeovers, poker tournaments, incredible supercars and much more. The aim of the event is to educate, inspire and raise awareness of the importance of blockchain technologies in a fun and exciting environment, fusing the natural synergy between supercars and cryptocurrencies.

HODL RALLY founder and CEO Virtue Nightingale spent time in Ghana during his youth, and he now wants to use his position of success to give back to the communities in which his heritage is rooted.  

Although Ghana has one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, nearly 30% of the population lives below the poverty level. It is rare for Ghanaians to receive a complete education. Due to overcrowded classes and a shortage of books and teachers, many children fail to complete secondary or even primary school. Some schools are even without bathroom facilities and clean running water.

“These are circumstances that we in the U.K. deem far from satisfactory,” said Nightingale. “In addition to the severe poverty experienced by many children in Ghana, children suffer violence, discrimination and abuse on a scale unacceptable in the Western world. Valuable charities such as TEWBIT, however, actively engage in tackling these problems by providing education and training to motivate and encourage these children to reach their potential, to learn and grow, to shake off illiterate and ignorant behavior, and to be stimulated to become successful in the environment in which they are raised.” 

The TEWBIT foundation takes pride in supporting and sponsoring the next generation of young farmers, enriching youth employment by providing work experience and aiding in teaching new skills, inspiring self-sufficiency through training programs, and endorsing education and guidance to promote long-term food security by way of providing grain banks.

“The results so far have led to highly productive, active engagement and enlightened men and woman capable of farming their own food and living in respectful communities where abuse against women is scorned and unacceptable,” said Nightingale. “We are proud to support TEWBIT in changing the world and encourage others to do the same.”


HODL RALLY is the world’s first blockchain inspired supercar rally experience. The eight-day event combines blockchain conferences with parties, dinners, fashion shows, yacht parties, club takeovers and lots of supercars. Driving across Europe, the tour will hit eight cities in eight days and will wrap up with a VIP superyacht party in Ibiza. For more details, visit https://HODLRALLY.com/.

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