Arnowitz Culture Agency Makes 2019 Top 10 Employee Engagement Consulting/Services Companies List

HR Tech Outlook highlights the innovative employee engagement solution providers who are at the vanguard of accelerating the digital transformation of the industry

Sausalito, CA , May 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arnowitz Culture Agency (ACA) today announced that the company has been named one of the “Top 10 Employee Engagement Consulting/Services Companies – 2019” by HR Tech Outlook. In determining this year’s list, the magazine turned to a panel of chief executive officers (CEOs), chief human resource officers (CHROs), and analysts. The panel selected ACA and nine other companies “based on their passion to drive innovation in the field of employee engagement and their commitment to guiding organizations to the next level.” The 2019 list was published on April 19, 2019 in the HR Tech Outlook Employee Engagement Special edition.

“Several studies and research over the last few years have shown that organizations that dedicate themselves to employee engagement have outpaced their competitors,” Hanna Wilson, HR Tech Outlook managing editor, observed in the Employee Engagement Special edition Editor’s Note. “In this new era of new age technologies, we highlight the innovative employee engagement solution providers who are at the vanguard of accelerating the digital transformation of the industry.”

In profiling ACA, HR Tech Outlook notes that Arnowitz Culture Agency, with its solutions and services portfolio, assists clients in achieving work culture improvements by delivering holistic employee engagement that drives individual, team and organizational performance. The company, it states, offers an extensive tool kit, including synchronized communication, training and culture programs to address specific pain points in the employee engagement space.

A component of ACA’s solution highlighted by HR Tech Outlook is the Culture Community Program, which “replaces or connects the commonly disparate group of client employee engagement operations found at most companies.” The magazine notes that this Program drives performance by building an agile, culturally intelligent workforce.

The publication further explains, “The Program is built on calls to action and curation of employee developed content that models, rewards and encourages more of the desired performance enhancing behavior. The result is a self-sustaining culture community of engaged employees and executives that move toward company objectives with shared values, pride, and collaboration.”

“We strongly believe that if you don’t get culture right, nothing else matters. That’s why our programs to optimize clients’ corporate performance combine culture change with employee engagement,” said Burt Arnowitz, founder, CEO and chief creative officer of Arnowitz Culture Agency. “We are honored to be among HR Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Employee Engagement Consulting/Services Companies – 2019. We see it as a reflection of our client/partner’s success in using our solutions to drive the employee engagement and loyalty that translate into customer satisfaction and better business performance.”

“Culture change endures by modifying and sustaining people’s habits. So, we focus on engaging employees in a continuous journey of practicing habits that promote agile, culturally intelligent behavior to drive workforce agility, faster decision-making, and better collaboration,” said David Arnowitz, co-founder and chief technology and strategy officer at Arnowitz Culture Agency. “We are excited by HR Tech Outlook’s recognition of our innovation in combining technology, strategy and services to unleash team creativity and grow engagement into employee habits that generate better business results.”

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