New Report From Mobile Posse and Phoenix Marketing International Explores Mobile User Behavior

Telecom Players Poised to Benefit From Shifting Mobile Device Usage Trends

ARLINGTON, Va., May 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mobile Posse, the technology innovator that turns telecom companies into mobile media leaders, in conjunction with Phoenix Marketing International today released a study entitled, “The Appnostic Journey: How Changing Behavior is Creating New Opportunities,” that examines the intent and motivations of mobile device users - from the moment they begin the user journey.

Consumers unlock their smartphones an average of 70 times a day - and each time it starts a journey. Many times the destination is known - to send a text, order food delivery, etc. But increasingly, consumers are unlocking their phones with no predetermined destination – a state of mind the report defines as being “Appnostic.” Appnostic user behavior creates lucrative opportunities for smartphone OEMs, wireless carriers, innovative startups and mobile advertisers that understand and act on the reality that the mobile journey begins with each single unlock.

Key user behavior findings include:

  • 88% of mobile users regularly exhibit appnostic behavior, while only 11% of users have a specific app in mind more than 90% of the time
  • Since 2016, there has been a 32% increase in how often consumers use their phones without a first app in mind
  • Two out of every three consumers want improved mobile content discovery, and 18-24 year olds are driving this trend with 69% being very interested in new mobile content discovery solutions
  • 25% of users rank push notifications as their least liked content discovery experience amongst current and future alternatives

“Mobile behavior is changing quickly and the result is a massive opportunity to make smartphones that better serve the needs of today’s on-the-go consumer,” said Jon Jackson, Mobile Posse CEO. “The companies that solve for this opportunity can make billions by delivering mobile content discovery experiences that users want.”

Mobile content discovery presents an immediate opportunity for wireless carriers and OEMs. Additional data found:

  • Carrier subscribers have high interest in new mobile content discovery solutions (T-Mobile users - 69.8% interest, AT&T users - 64.8% interest and Verizon users - 62.2% interest)
  • Subscribers are more interested in new mobile content discovery solutions from carriers than personalized advertising, TV/internet/phone bundles, smarthub, mobile insurance and many other offerings
  • Consumers are willing to trade tracking for content relevance, with 68% preferring content personalized based on past searches and stories they’ve read
  • Consumers want snackable content, with 41% preferring a 15 to 30 second length content experience and 26% preferring a 30 to 90 second length content experience
  • 42% of AT&T users want their carrier to prioritize AT&T-owned content (e.g. Turner, CNN, HBO). In contrast, only 34% of Verizon subscribers are looking for Verizon to prioritize Verizon-owned content (e.g. Yahoo, HuffPost, etc.)

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