Saturn Business Systems Partners with SmiForce Inc. to Resell Data Analytics Solutions

MINNEAPOLIS, May 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SmiForce (, a  cloud-based data analytics and big data security platform company, today announced that Saturn Business Systems, based in New York, has signed an agreement to resell SmiForce products and cloud-base SaaS solutions.

Saturn Business Systems is a premier solution provider and system integrator of next-gen data center and cloud solutions, big data analytics solutions, cyber-security solutions, and industry-based business solutions. By partnering with SmiForce, Saturn Business Systems has enhanced its capabilities to support their customers in the areas of Cyber-Security, Server Management, Application Performance Management, Sales and Marketing, and Server Log analytics. Saturn Business Systems will provide SmiForce’s full suite of analytics solutions to its customers. SmiForce’s unique capability of ingesting all types of data, performing complex computational functions, creating stunning visualizations, and providing detailed business insights, will deliver customers cost savings versus traditional solutions, increase staff efficiency, and deliver fast and actionable solutions.

SmiForce's cloud-based data analytics and big data framework with unique use cases will help to solve multiple industry problems. SmiForce helps leading CIOs consolidate tools and reduce cost. The unique analytics, reporting, and management functions they provide allow their customers to view proactive insights for a variety of areas spanning applications, finance, inventory, infrastructure, security, and sales. With operational modules for every component in a complex organization, SmiForce provides managers with essential tools, alerts, and unmatched reporting on critical ratios and key performance indicators in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. The company is leading the way with enterprise data analytics, business insights and cyber-security tools.

“I am excited to partner with SmiForce and provide their data analytics capabilities to our customers. This is an ideal product for our market and is synergistic to the solutions we are already providing,” said George Pappas, Vice President, Saturn Business Systems. “This will help our customers to quickly identify security and application performance issues, as well as to visualize additional business insights from many data sources.”

“Saturn Business Systems is the ideal partner that can leverage SmiForce’s product and solutions to maximize their revenue and help their customer base,” said Manoj Narayanan, Director of Product Management, SmiForce Inc. “I am pleased to have a partner with synergetic products and the technology know-how to leverage SmiForce’s data analytic solution.”

About Saturn Business Systems:
For over 35 years Saturn Business Systems has provided integrated information technology solutions to mid-market and enterprise accounts. We partner with the leading global technology solution manufacturers and software providers to tailor and implement customized data center, cloud and big data and analytics solutions. Saturn's clients include the leading corporations and organizations in the Finance, Telecom, Retail and Healthcare space as well as companies in a variety of other industries. Saturn provides customers with end-to-end whole solutions that span from assessment to implementation to follow-up, ensuring that the entire solution package consistently and continually performs to the highest of expectations.

George Pappas
Vice President, Saturn Business Systems
Phone: (646) 483-3310

About SmiForce Inc.:
With our cloud-based SaaS solution & Big Data technology, SmiForce can help you to drive technology and business insights, as well as reduce your costs by providing 'One-Tool’, thus eliminating the need to purchase from multiple vendors.

SmiForce’s data analytic solution will eliminate the need for redundant infrastructure, software costs, and administrative costs. In addition, our team can provide you a 360-degree view of your business insights to help your company grow.

Our mission is to provide you with detailed insights from your data at the touch of your keyboard.

Overall, our business delivers enhanced data analytic capabilities by measuring and tracking your company’s key performance in an easy and efficient manner. We provide customers and/or internal management with timely dashboards and C-Suite status reports. Our products will help create reporting solutions for presenting metrics, scorecards, trend analysis, ratios, and other information necessary to manage your complex business environment. For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit

Manoj Narayanan
Director of Product Management, SmiForce Inc.
Phone: (952) 649-0505