Source: Eimskipafelag Islands hf.

EIM: Information from the Icelandic Competition Appeals Committee

Today Eimskip received information from the Icelandic Competition Appeals Committee stating that Samskip had appealed the decision of Icelandic Competition Authority (ICA) from 17 April 2019, where ICA approved the cooperation of Eimskip and Royal Arctic Line.

The parties to this case are Samskip and ICA.

ICA has been granted time to file its statement in the case. Eimskip will receive a copy of that statement and will be given 5 days to file a statement of its own. According to Icelandic competition law the Competition Appeals Committee shall render its ruling within six weeks from the date of the appeal.

Eimskip is of the opinion that the appeal is unsubstantiated and will continue its preparation for the cooperation. Eimskip trusts that the Competition Appeals Committee will issue its ruling as soon as possible.