TORONTO, May 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new book by George Minakakis, CEO of Inception Retail Group Inc., sheds light on how businesses and leaders need to transition and compete in the new economy. The author points out we are at the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution. He identifies this as "The Great Transition" and it will be a significant challenge for the next few decades. The impact from the internet of things, artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, will be even more challenging to business and careers than e-commerce and social media have been. The smartphone was a catalyst leading to the retail apocalypse. It accelerated e-commerce, social media and decoupled consumers from their desktops. Minakakis is sharing his knowledge and experience on how to adapt, be faster at managing change effectively and the need to redefine your strategies continuously. These are essential imperatives to the long-term success and longevity of businesses and careers during the Great Transition. He introduces the reader to many prescriptive concepts such as COST – The Principles of Performance, and the Reliability Quotient. These are a means to determine if your organization can continuously deliver a competitive advantage.

The Great Transition – The Emergence of Unconventional Leadership, the latest book by George Minakakis, isn't just for retailers, it's for any business or career minded individual looking to manage through the unpredictable challenges ahead. The book provides readers with a prescription on how to view their competitive positioning in the new economy differently. "It's no longer enough to think outside the box; it's now all about competing outside the box."  

During his 25-year career, George has led Retail Chains as a Country Manager and Chief Executive Officer, responsible for internationally recognized brands in Canada, USA, China, and Hong Kong. He currently, leads Inception Retail Group Inc. working with Private Equity firms and the consumer sector as an advisor, speaker and is frequently quoted in the media.

The Great Transition - The Emergence of Unconventional Leadership, available globally at most booksellers, including Amazon and Indigo.  Also available at

SOURCE: Inception Retail Group Inc.

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