Lake City, Colo., May 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Beautiful, sustainable, durable, energy efficient … from all perspectives, metal roofs are the best choice for today’s high-performance homes--and in many areas of the country, the only choice.

Metal Roofs have proven themselves in storm after storm, fire after fire, to be a stalwart defense against disaster. They also happen to be stunning. This ebook includes examples of sustainable roofs options available today.

These beautiful projects are backdropped with useful information, including:

  • The harrowing hurricane story that won the Metal Roofing Alliance’s Top Survivor award
  • The true cost of metal versus asphalt roofing
  • Environmental upsides of metal roofs
  • 5 metal roofing myths dispelled
  • How metal roofing works in tandem with energy-efficiency goals and renewables
  • The role of metal roofs as a strategic defense against wildfires
  • How to pick a quality metal roof
  • The role of HOAs in encouraging defensible home strategies that include metal roofing

This resource is available for free download here.


Cati O'Keefe
Green Builder Media