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As ALK prepares to further extend their SLIT-tablet portfolio, tablet formulation is seen as key in delivering consistent positive clinical trial results

  • Zydis® freeze-dried tablet technology used in ALK’s SLIT-tablet range makes them faster dissolving than conventional compressed sublingual tablets in in-vitro testing.
  • Resulting in rapid and predictable release of the active ingredient contained in the ALK SLIT-tablets.
  • ALK’s fifth SLIT-tablet, covering tree pollen allergy, is currently being evaluated for regulatory approval in Europe

The formulation used by ALK in its range of sublingual allergy immunotherapy (SLIT) tablets may be an important factor contributing to the unprecedented and consistent results the company has seen across the SLIT-tablet clinical development programme, the Annual Congress of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) heard today.

Natalija Novak, MD, Professor, Department of Dermatology and Allergy, University of Bonn, was a key presenter at the ALK company-sponsored symposium titled ‘Predicting response to SQ SLIT-tablets: Advances in technology and use of biomarkers.'  

Professor Novak said: “We know that less than 1 out of 6 pharmaceutical products entering early human trials will ever be granted regulatory approval, the success rate for the SQ SLIT-tablet portfolio is a remarkable 100%. The manner in which the active ingredient of SLIT is released has a significant influence on uptake and interaction with the immune system to drive effect; the SQ SLIT-tablet portfolio has clearly demonstrated consistent success in this regard.”

Henrik Jacobi, Executive Vice President of R&D, ALK, said: “Fast-dissolving technology is used across ALK’s tablet range, which has delivered consistently strong results throughout its clinical development, culminating in the unparalleled success of the latest clinical trial for the forthcoming tree SLIT-tablet. We believe that the tablet formulation technology is an important factor in this success.”

ALK currently markets SLIT-tablets for house dust mite, grass, ragweed and Japanese cedar allergies, while a tree pollen SLIT-tablet is currently under regulatory review in Europe. Subject to approval, the addition of the tree tablet to ALK’s portfolio would mean the company’s SLIT-tablets cover more than 80% of people suffering from respiratory allergies around the world.

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