Diva International Inc. tackles period poverty with the launch of their new CSR program, DivaCares

DivaCares seeks to donate 15,000 cups by April 2020

Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA

Kitchener, ON, June 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diva International Inc., makers of the DivaCup, today announced the official launch of its corporate social responsibility program, DivaCares, the philanthropic division of the company committed to improving people’s lives through education, advocacy, and access.

The program kicks off just after Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28, 2019. Diva has been a key partner in Menstrual Hygiene Day since its inception in 2014.

DivaCares will provide both financial support and product donation to a wide variety of organizations in response to the worldwide plight of period poverty—the lack of access to sanitary products and menstrual hygiene.

The launch of DivaCares’ new website will allow the organization to focus on building more ongoing partnerships in the fight for menstrual equity, the global movement ensuring that safe, affordable menstrual products are accessible to all people who menstruate. The new site will be a crucial tool in scaling donations and outreach. Site visitors can learn more about ongoing partnerships and apply for assistance and resources.

“My hope is that our DivaCares program will elevate awareness worldwide, leading to the day when anyone menstruating will have a dignified period experience,” said Carinne Chambers Saini, CEO and Co-Founder, Diva International. “Sadly, there are too many deprived of proper menstrual products and stigmatized for a natural process that affects half the world’s population.”

The program is built around three key pillars of action: education about menstrual health, advocacy for legislation that achieves equitable menstrual outcome, and access to period products. In addition to these goals, the program also runs employee wellness initiatives internally for Diva International Inc. This initiative sustains an inclusive and supportive company culture at Diva, matching the company’s B Corp certification. To support its mandate to promote menstrual education, Diva is working closely with Ontario school boards, advising on best practices for menstrual equity and education.

“We are proud to be tackling period poverty through the DivaCares program,” said Alexis Biermann, DivaCares Manager and Positivity Officer, Diva International. “The world needs more organizations that are committed to menstrual equity, and we hope to expand the number of partners we work with as quickly as possible.”

In celebration of the DivaCares launch, Diva will be donating additional menstrual cups to each of its six ongoing partners: PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement, The Ali Forney Center, Native Youth Sexual Health Network, Be a Rose, Operation Courage is Beautiful and Diva Day. Overall, the program aims to donate 15,000 cups worldwide by April 2020, supporting over 180,000 periods.

Learn more about DivaCares and its partnership opportunities at divacares.com.



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