Kozjin Launches New App Offering Ecosystem for Digital Banking and Payments

Kozjin’s app features solutions for crypto to fiat payments

SINGAPORE, June 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kozjin, a cryptocurrency that redefines digital banking and payments, announced today that it has launched its mobile app which, beyond messaging features, allows for seamless crypto and fiat transactions. The free Kozjin app can be found on the iOS Apple store and Google Playstore.

Kozjin's entire ecosystem is focused on advancing the mass adoption of digital assets through convenience and accessibility to the crypto market. Currently, 82% of crypto holders find it difficult to liquidate and use their cryptocurrency. Kozjin will help to change this with its app. Kozjin will also focus on utility across verticals with the app; ensuring ease of peer to peer transactions, making purchases and payments with the Kozjin app.

"We are so excited to announce the launching of the Kozjin app, which features instant messaging for ease of transfers and use, including the ability to send multimedia content in the chat while managing your digital assets and fiat. The app also has a quick exchange feature that allows for ease of conversion of selected crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat when needed. It truly is a unique piece of technology, primed to work well in and beyond our ecosystem," said Dato Sri Francis Ang, Founder of Kozjin.

Currently, Kozjin’s app features the ability to send and receive Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). It offers instant messaging and the ability to send multimedia content to friends and user communities, coupled with individual groups and interest channels. Additionally, it features discreet messaging which allows for disappearing texts, and you can feel secure storing and transferring digital assets all via the app.

"We aim to change the current payment and banking system, which at present, is limited and costly to customers and merchants, and transform it into a Kozjin ecosystem. We pride our app with ease of access, low fees and the ability to spend cryptocurrencies just like fiat," continued Ang.

About Kozjin:
The Kozjin token is a decentralized cryptocurrency that aims to provide everyday banking and payment services to the millions of consumers worldwide. The user-friendly Kozjin mobile app allows individuals to perform supported crypto transactions. Aside from individual usage, merchants can accept payments through the platform, which gives users an easy way to convert and spend their cryptocurrencies at merchants' stores. Currently, Kozjin token has gained a strong niche in the property industry by enabling a smooth and seamless transaction process to take place between property owners, developers, and contractors.

Veronica Welch