Seven Summer Strengthening Secrets That Can Rejuvenate Muscle Health

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BURLINGTON, Ontario, June 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As we shed more clothes during the summer, one of the body’s most valuable assets is exposed: muscle tone. Those who have more of it not only look better around the pool, but also stand to be healthier in the long run. Holistic pharmacist and former fitness instructor, Sherry Torkos says Rejuvenate is 1 of 7 summer strengthening secrets she recommends to improve muscle health after the age of 40.

“Muscle is so easy to lose and especially as we age you have to really work hard to maintain muscle mass and build it,” says Torkos, who has authored more than a dozen books on health and healing. “The primary problem with age-related muscle degeneration is that doctors don’t prescribe anything for it because other than recommending resistance training, there is no pharmaceutical treatment to reverse muscle loss.”

Age-related muscle and strength loss, or sarcopenia, is a health issue most everyone will face because beginning as early as age 40, the body’s ability to process protein dramatically slows down. After the age of 60, muscle mass declines at an annual rate of 1.5%-3% per year. Torkos says summer is a good time to focus on muscle gains and recommends these seven strengthening secrets to improve overall muscle health:

  1. Slow Down Cardio: Working out seven days a week can cause muscle loss because there are no rest days for regeneration. Cardio can also cancel out muscle gains if you exercise too long or on an empty stomach.
  2. Start Stretching: Not only does stretching speed up recovery and increase muscle range of motion, it also makes room for muscle fibers to grow.
  3. Stop Starving Yourself: Sporadic eating is almost as bad as not eating at all. Throwing your body into starvation mode just trains it to store a large percentage of fat, in the event that you skip another meal.
  4. Switch Up Your Routine: To encourage new muscle growth you have to switch up your workout routine and also the amount of weights you use. The muscles want to be challenged, or they will become stagnant.
  5. Eat After Workouts: Refueling after workouts will start the recovery process immediately, replenishing lost glycogen (your muscles’ energy stores) and providing the nutrients your body needs in order to repair muscle and grow more of it. 
  6. Get More Sleep: If you are getting less than 6 hours of sleep a day you are limiting your body’s ability to naturally produce crucial muscle-building chemicals like growth hormone. 
  7. Rejuvenate Muscle Health: Taking a patented blend of essential amino acids called Rejuvenate has been shown in studies from the Geriatric Center at Arkansas University Medical Center to increase the body’s muscle protein synthesis and ability to rebuild and repair muscle by 57% with noticeable muscle mass improvement within 30 days. Rejuvenate has been in development for the past 17 years, and now has 25 peer reviewed published studies to demonstrate its efficacy. Rejuvenate can be mixed in your favorite beverage. Each serving contains only 5 calories per serving, is low in fat and sugar, dairy and gluten free. 

Torkos says adding these seven simple strengthening secrets to your summer workout routine can have vast improvements on your muscle health. Read her blog to learn how to make more muscle improvements. Rejuvenate is available in retail stores throughout the United States including Walmart, CVS, health food stores or online at

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