BOCA RATON, Fla., June 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Today Universal Solar Technology (UNSS) is pleased to announce its Joint Venture with The Entrex Capital Market, which created the Entrex Carbon Market, has launched 10 Verified Carbon Offset Issuers on the platform today.

The Entrex Carbon Market utilizes Entrex’s blockchain enabled technology platform to trade carbon credits, carbon offsets and other environmental securitized products.  The platform allows credits, offsets and other environmental products to be found, researched, tracked, managed and traded via regulated entities through a compliant platform.   

“We just launched a series of international Carbon Offset Issuers today,” said Stephen H. Watkins, CEO of Entrex Carbon Market.  Watkins further explains that the partnership with Net Zero Analysis, has launched each Issuer with a process of accountability where each Carbon Offset Project has been registered on various United Nations Carbon Registries and verified by independent entities.  “Whether an organization is buying, selling or retiring Carbon Offsets, our securitization structure should offer comfort and security to all parties through their regulated partners,” continued Watkins.

“There’s been amazing coordination from all sides to make this happen so quickly,” suggested George Sullivan, CEO of Net Zero Analysis.  “With these varied international issuers of Carbon Offsets we expect to see the market rapidly accept the securitization and regulatory compliance for which many buyers and sellers have been asking.  We’ve delivered what they have long wanted and believe that the time is now for the Entrex Carbon Market to become the global trusted Carbon Offset trading solution.”

“This is indeed a milestone moment,” said Paul D. Landrew, CEO of UNSS.  “The Entrex Carbon Market team has been aggressively working since our Joint Venture agreement and capital commitment two months back.  Watkins and our colleagues at Net Zero Analysis in Chicago have painstakingly assembled the technology and offerings to launch – maybe 19 years in the making – but it looks like less than one quarter to cash-flow -- incredible!”

“This is a tremendous step forward for UNSS and our investors,” Landrew continued.  “We expect the trading market to propel UNSS into a leadership position in the sector, utilizing the proven technology created by the Entrex team. It also gives the ability to buy out the equity owners, providing even more anticipated value for our shareholders.”

About Entrex:

Entrex was founded in 2001 as a “capital market system for entrepreneurial companies.”  The new joint venture will utilize Entrex’s intellectual properties and blockchain enabled technologies; built and proven over 17 years using IBM’s Domino and Hyperledger technology platforms.  The Entrex platform originates, structures, offers, places, trades, settles and services debt and equities of entrepreneurial companies through regulated entities that serve investors and issuers.   Working together with industry sector leaders and regulated market constituents allows investors to find, research, track, manage, and trade entrepreneurial securities while providing entrepreneurial companies access to capital.

About Universal Solar Technology Inc.:

Universal Solar Technology, Inc. (UST, Inc.) is focused on the renewable energy sector through diversified product portfolios and various strategic partnerships.  By leveraging our history in renewable energy manufacturing, we envision opportunities including financial services, product generation, product installation, as well as product and process certifications.  With the ever-increasing awareness of the need for environmental accountability, UST, Inc. is committed to being a catalyst to making practical solutions in this sector available in products, services and education.

About Net Zero Analysis:

Net Zero Analysis Carbon Credit Trading Corporation was founded to offer pricing transparency in the marketplace, additional carbon-reduction financing, and to increase carbon offset project viability by connecting to newly accessible market mechanisms created by the Paris Accord, as well as to connect carbon offset product purchasers with the most appropriate sources for certified UNFCCC-compliant products. NZA’s founders represent a wealth of experience in engineering, architecture, building science, energy efficiency, renewable energy, professional education, and real estate matters, as well as a solid grasp of market trends, UNFCCC methodologies, and changes in regulations.

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