Las Vegas, Nevada, June 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Don Forman Las Vegas businessman believes in giving back to the community. As the proud owner of Don Forman Nissan, he has -- and continues to be involved with several charitable and philanthropic endeavors. In fact, he believes in helping people from all walks of life. Similarly, Don equates humanitarian acts to that of helping folks that are simply bogged down by bad luck or other consequences beyond their reach.

Don, however, believes that charity should not be given to boost one's ego or to look great in the recipient's eyes. Instead, assistance is given to helping the lives of others who are less fortunate. At the same token, the charity can be seen as a way to empower others to work hard and overcome obstacles that are hindering personal or professional enrichment. These cornerstones helped Don become a successful businessman who is active in all types of philanthropic and humanitarian efforts.

As a seasoned and reputable entrepreneur, Don Forman Las Vegas believes in positive action for positive results. In fact, he is a proud member of the community who understands the challenges that impoverished families face. Whether in Las Vegas or across the nation, Don believes in turning the negative narratives into positive and productive platforms for helping people. This is why he has partnered with the Surprise Squad to bring happiness and joy to those that have only experienced despair, poverty, and loss of hope due to their surroundings and circumstances.

Don Forman Las Vegas Surprise Squad

Don Forman has partnered with The Surprise Squad to help hardworking Las Vegas residents feel hope again. This partnership with Fox5 culminated in a TV show that highlights families and individuals across the Greater Las Vegas area. Similarly, Don Forman of United Nissan's charitable and philanthropic endeavors is highlighted on the show that continues to help many local residents. The show continues to transform the lives of Las Vegas families by restoring hope and happiness in their lives. So popular is the show (even though that is not the intention) that it continues to create a buzz on the social media platforms and airwaves.

With so many touching stories, the Surprise Squad truly captures the essence of humanitarian care in Las Vegas. This includes the story of a woman who was raised an orphan and adopted the kids of her dying neighbor. This story was particularly touching for Don -- who helped the family as they were dealing with financial hardships and challenges. Don puts every ounce of energy and happiness into his charities as he does his popular automotive dealership.

The Fox5 Surprise Squad and Don Forman Las Vegas truly embody the spirit of positivity and productivity. They also maintain the core aspects of charitable endeavors; ethics, morals, and giving back to the community as a whole. For successful businessmen and women across the nation, Don is a shining example of hard work, determination, and never forgetting his roots.

While he remains a successful dealership owner, his true passion and happiness are simply helping others. There is simply nothing like helping your fellow human beings who may be experiencing job loss, anxiety, depression, or states of hopelessness due to environmental -- social -- financial factors.

Don believes in merging business with philanthropy -- a vision that has now come to fruition. From the Las Vegas Blood Drive to helping students and families, he continues to help people that are dealing with economic and financial distress. In fact, Don even helped a group of high school girls who had qualified to attend UNLV. Sadly, they had no way to pay their tuition so Don took care of it. He also paid for their additional expenses, as well as gave the girls new cars for their commute and travel.