LBi Software’s New Version of HR HelpDesk Leverages AI

Version 7 uses machine learning and natural language processing to answer employee questions and enhance user experience.

MELVILLE, N.Y., June 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LBi Software, the HR HelpDesk and sports analytics software company, today announced the launch of HR HelpDesk Version 7, updating the user interface and adding artificial intelligence to anticipate employee needs and responses in real time.

“Everyone says they’re venturing into AI. We’re actually doing it,” said Richard Teed, LBi Software president and COO. “HR HelpDesk is a one-stop shop for an employee’s HR needs and decreases the number of simple requests to HR staff by 75%.”

HR HelpDesk is LBi Software’s innovative HR solution for automated case management and call-tracking workflow management that connects employees with an essential knowledge database and decreases HR costs by reducing the workload on HR staff. Previous technology utilized tags to process user responses.

Version 7 upgrades the technology to be able to read questions in real-time by incorporating Apache Spark’s machine learning library, MLlib, along with Open NLP for natural language processing. The feature becomes more in-tune with the user through their corporate history of questions and resolutions.

“HRHD 7 empowers employees to solve their own issues in a user-centric portal which gives HR professionals the flexibility in time and resources to work on more meaningful and complicated tasks,” LBi HR HelpDesk Product Manager Kim Romano said. “Using AI increases our ability to directly respond to employee needs in a timely manner for an overall better employee experience.”

HR HelpDesk streamlines case management with a robust quick-search function for HR users to search for employees in multiple ways. The cloud-based HR HelpDesk portal supports unlimited employees and system users in issue resolution through a confidential and mobile browser-compatible system.

Out-of-the-box pricing includes hosting of the application in a private cloud server, so data isn’t commingled with that of other clients. HR HelpDesk Version 7 adds an improved chat feature as well as more granular security.

LBi Software has seen unprecedented success and growth in recent years with HR HelpDesk and custom sports analytics software LBi Dynasty, as well as its $5.4 million purchase and $1 million renovation of LBi’s office building in Melville, New York.

About LBi Software

LBi Software provides precisely engineered, customer-focused software solutions and analytics developed from more than 30 years of experience in HR technology and sports information management. Our flagship solution, LBi HR HelpDesk, is an innovative HR case management and call-tracking workflow solution that creates a rich and powerful knowledge base on the fly. LBi Software’s custom sports analytics solution, LBi Dynasty, creates better sports teams through precise, customized data succinctly delivered to club decision-makers in any format, on any device.


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