OTTAWA, June 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Painter 2020, the latest version of the industry’s most powerful and creative digital painting software, sets the standard for professional digital art on macOS and Windows. Allowing artists to realize their creative vision faster than ever, the new Painter® 2020 dramatically accelerates performance across virtually any system, while delivering a streamlined workflow, all-new brushes, enhanced color selection, and more.

“Painter continues to redefine today’s professional digital art workflow,” said Chris Pierce, Senior Product Manager for Digital Arts at Corel. “Whether you’re running the latest hardware or your tried-and-true machine, this new version is an absolute game-changer. From experimenting with color to working with layers, the tools you rely on every day are now more accessible and intuitive.”

“By leveraging GPU technology, we're now able to deliver performance gains never seen before in Painter. Go ahead and set your GPU-based brushes to maximum size and you'll still see screaming fast real-time performance – even on a wall-sized canvas. With this new release, we’re delivering the power artists need to achieve painting perfection,” added Pierce.

Painter 2020 simplifies the creative workflow for today’s professional and aspiring digital artists across a variety of industries, including entertainment, illustration, photography, manga, and fine art.

  • NEW! Performance Optimization
    The new Brush Accelerator is a multi-functional tool that automatically applies optimal performance settings, allowing Painter to harness the latest GPU technology to significantly improve brush speed and responsiveness. Benefit from bonus functionality that suggests strategic upgrades to further improve Painter’s performance.

  • NEW! Interface Advancements
    Painter 2020 maximizes painting efficiencies by putting the most important controls like the revamped Property Bars, flyouts, and palettes for brushes at your fingertips. Consolidated Library Panels will save valuable space and the interface is more intuitive for a seamless workflow, making it easier to elevate your mastery of Painter.

  • ENHANCED! Brush Selector
    Work more efficiently with enhanced dab and stroke previews and easily distinguish between popular dab types with improved visuals. In addition, enjoy a more compact Brush Selector panel to maximize the workspace.

  • NEW! Convenient Color Selection
    Universal color selection is now easier than ever. Explore the new Temporal Color Wheel menu and work with six new Color Harmonies that can be saved as color sets. Plus, take advantage of new color ramps in sliders and a handy slider-only option for the color panel.

  • NEW! Advanced Brush and Tool Controls
    Grab the previous brush quickly with either the click of a button or a shortcut on a custom palette. Paint with the dodge, burn, clone, and eraser tools without any lag time, and customize the eraser tool with expanded options.

  • NEW! Brushes
    Accelerate the painting process with two new Fast brush categories featuring 26 refined brushes built to push the boundaries of Painter's new performance optimizations. Plus, paint in a range of styles with five new Expressive brushes in the Watercolor and Digital Watercolor categories.

  • ENHANCED! Layer Workflow
    Create without disruption. Thanks to exciting layer advancements, noticeable improvements to the contextual and high-level menus save time. Workflow changes to collapse, lock, select, and paste functions improve the quality and responsiveness of layers.

Pricing & Availability
Painter 2020 is available in English, French, German, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese for $429 USD / €424.95 / £359.99. Registered owners of any previous version can purchase for the upgrade price of $229 USD / €218.95 / £179.99. GBP and European prices include VAT.

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