SILICON VALLEY, Calif., June 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, the online marketplace offering users hourly cash rewards through its digital asset Joy Coin, today announces noteworthy company achievements due to its social e-commerce business model that’s creating wealth through the simple act of shopping.

Founded by a team of industry veterans, with deep domain expertise in e-commerce and technology, Gojoy launched as a prototype in December 2018, and was quickly adopted by busy mothers in China. Huge savings, up to 50 percent or more on the same products, and passive income generated by hourly cash streams via Joy Coin, have created wealth for thousands of families. Nearly 60 percent of Gojoy customers return to spend their cash rewards on everyday products such as Colgate toothpaste (7,355 units were bought in a few months).

Gojoy’s highest grossing member spent over $26,000 in six months, whereas Amazon Prime members spend about $1,400 a year.  This stickiness and unwavering loyalty is a true testament to the effectiveness of Gojoy’s business model.

Six months after launch, Gojoy’s daily organic sales continue to double each month, having generated over $12 million (as of this writing), and sharing over $2.7 million with thousands of families shopping on Gojoy. As a profitable and completely self-funded business, Gojoy has tripled its membership to over 142,000 in the last three weeks while adding hundreds of new suppliers each month.

Steven Lin, chief executive officer of Gojoy said, “It hasn't been easy to accomplish so much so quickly, all without any outside capital, but I look forward to the journey ahead. I am truly honored to be a part of this incredible team of creative and tenacious professionals.”

An impressive advisory board includes Steve Grasso (CNBC market analyst and NYSE floor executive), Roel Campos (former SEC Commissioner), and John Meyer (managing partner of Starship Capital and one of the youngest members to receive the 2017 “Forbes 30 Under 30”) who cite Gojoy’s exemplary social e-commerce and tokenization business model:

“Gojoy is the second company I have ever been involved, at this level, from the hundreds I have been pitched over the years,” said Grasso.

“I am very excited about how ingenious Gojoy is and how you can get a client base to be very dedicated,” said Campos.

“As someone who is deeply concerned about the widening wealth divide, Gojoy touches home. It combines a more fair and equitable business model with a product that is positively and significantly changing the lives of thousands of fixed-income families,” said Meyer.

Gojoy is currently available in China with plans to further expand its footprint in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Chinese cities. Download Gojoy on WeChat or visit the mobile browser to begin shopping and earning cash rewards.

About Gojoy:
Gojoy is the only marketplace where every vendor and shopper share in the profits of each purchase, on the hour, every hour. Using blockchain technology, Gojoy created Joy Coin, a digital asset earned by shoppers with each purchase, which can be used to make purchases on Gojoy, redeemed as cash or invested on the CBX exchange.

Launched in December 2018, Gojoy continues to triple its membership each month with over $2.7 million distributed to its shopper community. Gojoy is a Swiss corporation headquartered in Silicon Valley. Gojoy is available in China. For more information visit:

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Evan Sneider
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