TORONTO, July 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- launched in April of 2019 in Canada as the world’s first anonymous online direct messaging Therapy Platform geared towards Muslims. Living in Michigan, Founder and CEO Faisal Khan was often coming across Muslims who talked about feeling depressed in light of current events affecting Muslims worldwide. “After doing some research back in December of 2018 I found that depression was at an unprecedented rise in the Muslim community and felt that something had to be done on a wide scale,” said Faisal Khan. Around that time he was contacted by Entrepreneur Asim Ibrahim who had been looking to work on a project with Faisal for quite a while. “I told Asim Ibrahim about my idea and how we would focus on bringing direct message Therapy to the Muslim community and he was instantly on board.”

Events worldwide including those that occurred in New Zealand have caused an increased level of depression and anxiety among Muslims worldwide, many Muslims have since been looking for a place to turn to help deal with questions, concerns, and fears. “So far many help lines for Muslims exist but lack professional level interaction and in certain more serious cases, can only refer callers to in person Therapists,” says Faisal Khan. “Going to an in person Therapist, which these distress lines offer for more serious cases, can be too expensive and the anonymity some callers are looking for tends to disappear.” Since the launch of TherapyLine many of these Muslim help lines in Canada and the US have followed TherapyLine’s example and are now looking to launch their own versions of online messaging Therapy. “I am glad to see other Muslim organizations following our lead and example and moving more towards technology when trying to reach those in need of mental help in the Muslim world.”

With mental health being taboo in the Muslim world, and many of those seeking help being embarrassed or unable to talk to those around them, having an anonymous feature opens up the door for many more Muslims using the platform. the messaging feature makes it much more convenient to use. Also, having access to a professional therapist that is also Muslim is a rare opportunity for most, especially those who live in areas with low Muslim populations. Most of all the cost makes it more likely that more Muslims will be able to afford professional mental health services as most services can cost upwards of $300 CAD for just one session. Mr Khan believes that will lead to many more Muslims getting the professional level help they need and will hopefully have a positive impact on the Muslim world.

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