Koddi Announces Advanced Migration Tools to Help Hotels Take Advantage of New Bidding and Reporting Functionality with Google Ads

Hotel Brands Can Leverage Koddi Technology and Best Practices to Maintain Historical Data and Assist the Transition from Google Hotel Ads Center to Google Ads


FORT WORTH, Texas, July 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Koddi, a leading marketing technology company for the travel industry, today announced it has launched a new optimization tool to help hotel brands navigate the complexity of transitioning from Google Hotel Ads to the new Google Ads platform.

As part of their solution, Koddi has integrated key Google Ads bidding and reporting functionality into the Koddi platform for seamless campaign optimization. The platform will also enable hotel brands the ability to keep critical historical data from previous campaigns and also offer a single source for reporting. Koddi’s approach will enable advertisers to leverage additional Google Ads capabilities, without increased complexity.

The platform adaptation will help reduce Google Ads migration time, demystify bidding combinations, manage campaigns, and implement new campaign strategies.

“We're excited to have worked with Google for more than six years and have seen Hotel Ads as a consistent high-performing channel for our hotel partners,” said Nicholas Ward, Co-founder and President, Koddi. “With the new advanced capabilities that are available through Google Ads coupled with Koddi's managed services, we're excited to help clients optimize performance and manage their campaigns in a highly efficient manner while driving more bookings.”

Koddi’s new optimization capabilities provide key solutions such as:

  • Total managed migration, Koddi manages all facets of the program;
  • Koddi will help automate the over 3.3 billion possible bid combinations to maximize opportunities;
  • Algorithmic bid optimization to meet new requirements and auction environment for Google Ads at every level;
  • Data integration from Google Ads and Hotel Ads Center so that customers have access to historical records from previous campaigns.

Koddi is a provider of comprehensive marketing management software and services for the travel and hospitality industries. The company’s award-winning SaaS platform provides a robust network for travel brands and online travel agencies to connect with consumers and drive more bookings and revenue through unified metasearch, social and programmatic campaigns. Brands can consolidate and manage the entire purchase funnel and gain insights at each point to adjust and optimize campaigns across all channels. As a result, marketers fuel their growth, harness real-time intelligence to drive informed decision-making, and dramatically improve operational expenses. For more information, please visit https://www.koddi.com/.

Kyle Kuhnel for Koddi