Dror Goldberg Joins The Glimpse Group as VP Product and as the General Manager of Foretell Studios

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, July 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Glimpse Group, Inc. (“Glimpse”), a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (“VR” and “AR”) platform company comprised of multiple VR and AR software & services companies, announced today that Dror Goldberg has joined Glimpse as its VP Product and the General Manager of Glimpse’s wholly owned subsidiary company Foretell Studios, LLC.

Dror Goldberg has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, having held various senior management positions in Product, Business and R&D functions for multi-national companies. Most recently, Dror managed product related projects at Amazon, Samsung and Nokia. Previously, Dror was an engineer, developing Mobile and IT software for international firms (Comverse Technology and HP). Dror holds an MBA from Yale School of Management, a Law degree (LL.B.) from Tel Aviv University, and a BA in Computer Science from The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.

Dror Goldberg commented, “Glimpse is at the forefront of VR and AR innovation and I am very excited to join the management team. As the various solutions offered by Glimpse’s subsidiary companies mature, a natural next step is to focus on productization, which will further enhance the strong synergies across Glimpse’s ecosystem - optimizing product features, mitigating developmental redundancies, reducing costs and developing industry leading enterprise class VR/AR software solutions.”

Dror continued, “In relation to Foretell Studios, I view its Social Reality VR platform as a key enabler, directly applicable to many Enterprise VR solutions (training, productivity, education, remote access and collaboration, among others). In addition, Social Reality is being integrated as a key feature in the solutions of other Glimpse companies, while benefiting from other developments within the Glimpse ecosystem.”

"As Glimpse and the VR/AR industry continue to evolve, we have been able to attract exceptional talent while building companies focused on segments that not only have strategic value and potential but are already gaining market traction. The addition of Dror as VP Product and GM of Foretell is another step forward as we continue to execute on our roadmap," said Glimpse President and Chief Executive Officer Lyron Bentovim. “Dror is an experienced executive with Tier 1 global tech company experience - we are thrilled to have him join us to professionalize Glimpse’s productization efforts and to lead Foretell Studios."

About The Glimpse Group, Inc.

The Glimpse Group is a Virtual and Augmented Reality platform company, comprised of multiple VR and AR software & services companies, and designed with the specific purpose of cultivating entrepreneurs in the VR/AR industry. Our unique business model simplifies challenges faced by VR/AR entrepreneurs and creates a robust ecosystem, while simultaneously providing investors an opportunity to invest directly into the emerging VR/AR industry via a diversified platform. For more information on The Glimpse Group, please visit www.theglimpsegroup.com

About Foretell Studios

Foretell Studios provides ROI-driven Enterprise focused social VR solutions (“Social Reality”), allowing users to interact with each other in the same immersive environment, regardless of their actual location. With Social Reality, the user can convene with colleagues, partners, and clients, communicate using voice and body language, and collaborate in a realistic group dynamic; www.foretellstudios.com 

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