VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global popularity of kombucha continues to rise at an aggressive rate, largely due to its health benefits that centre around gut balance, digestion and immunity.  Bucha Brew is a high quality, certified organic, craft kombucha that is low in sugar, low in calories, high in antioxidants and packed with naturally occurring live cultures. We are currently making about 50,000 litres of kombucha per month and will need to double production by 2020 due to rapid growth.  

Bucha Brew Kombucha has been leading the industry through progressive innovation, transparency and community building since our launch in 2016.  We have recently secured listings with 7 Eleven and all Sobeys (Safeway, Thriftys, Foodland, Sobeys) locations across western Canada, bringing our store count from 300 to 1100 in the last six months.  Bucha Brew is now the fastest growing Canadian Kombucha company and among the top 3 selling Canadian brands.

Bucha Brew is an ambitious brand and our mission is to increase the selection of healthy choices across our communities by providing simple tools (like kombucha) to help people to improve their health, well-being and above all, fuel their own ambition. 

Since 2015, Bucha Brew's passion has been to get people excited about kombucha.  

"I know how it makes me feel and I want everyone to feel the same.  I am so happy to have the chance to offer a delicious and healthy choice to all, allowing everyone to take charge of their wellness, no matter what gender, age, ethnicity or lifestyle." - Kara Sam, Founder

We are a fast growth company in one of the hottest consumer spaces on the market - functional food and drink. We are building an amazing community of people who are advocates of creative innovation, sustainability and collaboration. We want to design unique ways for you to participate in the change we want to make by having you as part of our community, our culture.  

So, here’s the spill… We are disrupting conventional methods of investing and making it simple and accessible for anyone and everyone through a crowdfunding for equity campaign with FrontFundr.

Reasons to support Bucha Brew

We are a women-run business filled with ambition! We are committed to our vision mission and values:

  • Environmentally conscious and sustainable  
  • Authentic and transparent
  • Engaging and social

To meet demand, we need to invest in additional brewing equipment and upgrades in the facility and add more employees in sales and marketing.

Now is your chance to Join Bucha Brew’s growing culture and acquire a share of this, ambitious, trailblazing company. The campaign launched last Friday so jump on board. You won’t want to miss out!