lets you know that business class travel does not have to be super expensive. New site tells why.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Travel is getting harder to bear. Airline seats are getting smaller and less comfortable; security lines are getting longer; Global Entry passes now come with a six-month backlog; inching luggage fees are netting airlines an additional $1.3 billion each year and now represent 2.9 percent of airline operating revenues.

And despite all the discomforts that commercial flights have become, few consumers are looking to the front of the plane for relief. An international fare between New York and London might be available for as little as $500 in the back of the plane. However, all things considered, a business class seat may not cost that much more. When you figure in costs like luggage and legroom, the total cost is not much less than what is available on special discount sites specializing in international business class fares.

TheseBoots.Travel offers entrée into that world with access to special relationships and net fare deals forged through long-held partnerships with more than 100 airlines.

“What airlines show to the public and what they arrange with large agencies that can move bulk volume for those airlines are two different things,” says Blaise Sharpe, editor, writer and curator for TheseBoots.Travel. “Many of these fares were not available to individual consumers in the past but new relationships and ways of doing business now make it possible for consumers to access them. An up to 60 percent discount on an in-demand flight between New York and Rome, for instance, can mean the different between a tortured middle-seat flight by the bathroom in coach and a rested and comfortable experience in Business Class – usually with a celebrity chef-designed dining menu and fine wine.”

In addition, TheseBoots.Travel also offers a Flight Delay Map. The app, developed by astronautical engineers, predicts the probability that a specific flight will be delayed, whether an hour ahead of time or several months ahead of time. The app, created by Lumo, works mostly with travel management companies that handle hundreds of employees at a time. TheseBoot.Travel presents the only consumer dedicated use for this powerful app.

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