LOS ANGELES, July 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Notion, the comprehensive home monitoring and security system, today announced a strategic partnership with Noonlight, a connected safety technology company. Noonlight will power NotionPRO, a new 24/7 professional monitoring extension to Notion’s current smart home system.

Notion, well known for its affordable and easy-to-install smart home monitoring system, allows property owners to monitor all aspects of their space, including activities that could lead to costly insurance claims. Noonlight immediately escalates NotionPRO alerts through text messaging, phone calls and emergency service dispatch, providing homeowners with the peace of mind that their homes, loved ones and pets are always safe.

Noonlight’s connected platform gives home monitoring and security companies, like Notion, access to a suite of tools to offer enhanced monitoring features and emergency response to customers. With help from Noonlight, NotionPRO provides customers total home security and removes the burden of having to call 911 in the event of an emergency. NotionPRO escalates communication with Noonlight’s certified dispatchers, who can make sure homeowners are made aware of NotionPRO alarms, such as a sounding alarm or water leak. Dispatchers can also coordinate with local emergency services and first responders on customers’ behalf to ensure an emergency situation, such as a break-in, is promptly handled. Through the Noonlight partnership, NotionPRO customers can professionally monitor:

  • Doors & Windows – Know when your entrance door, the garage, or window is opened.
  • Water Leaks – Be alerted the moment a water leak happens, so you can avoid costly damages.
  • Sounding Alarms – Know when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off if you aren't home to hear it.

“Although we aim to protect and comfort people in all aspects of their lives, we recognize the home is a priority for consumers,” said Nick Droege, co-founder of Noonlight. “We’re proud to partner with Notion, who like us, obsesses over delivering a deeply personal and compassionate experience to their customers. NotionPRO is the embodiment of this dedication – providing customers with peace of mind knowing the place they call home and the people, pets and things they care about inside are safe.”

“When designing the new NotionPRO service, we wanted to take a more modern approach to the user experience and communication channels to meet the needs of today’s homeowner,” said Ryan Margoles, CTO and co-founder of Notion. “We provide real-time push notifications from the existing Notion app and now, with Noonlight, we can escalate alerts through text messaging, phone calls, and emergency service dispatch — a holistic, two-way communication process unmatched by traditional home security. This partnership allows us to go one step further, offering greater peace of mind for our customers.”

About Notion
Notion is a comprehensive home monitoring and security system, powered by an all-in-one smart home sensor that sends alerts to a homeowner’s smartphone for the things they care about most — water leaks, smoke alarms, temperature changes and doors, garages and windows opening and closing. Through partner programs, Notion helps companies support proactive home maintenance and provide value-add discounts to their customers with Notion’s smart home technology and professional monitoring services. For more information, please visit http://getnotion.com/

About Noonlight
Noonlight uses advanced technology to protect and comfort people so they can live freely. Launched in 2013 as a mobile application, Noonlight has since grown into a connected safety platform — partnering with products and services to enable safety and emergency response capabilities for their customers via a proprietary API. Noonlight’s technology works everywhere in the United States, allowing users to quickly get help in any situation, without requiring a 911 call or the ability to talk or text. For more information visit www.noonlight.com.

Press Contact:
Addy Bhasin