To Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S                                                                                           19th of July 2019
                                                                                                                                                 Announcement no.76/2019

Jyske Realkredit’s auctions for October 1st 2019 refinancing

Jyske Realkredit plans to carry out the auctions Monday 20th of August for loans at Cover pool and from Tuesday, August 21st through Thursday, August 23rd, 2019 for loans in Cover pool E. The bonds are offered for sale with 1st of October 2019 as settlement date. However, an earlier settlement date can be arranged.

Jyske Realkredit shall only refinance SDO borrowers, and the sale will be carried out via Bloomberg’s auction system.

The bonds to be refinanced are specified in the table below:

Monday 20th of August10.0011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/10-2020 SDODK0009394553
 10.0011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/10-2021 SDODK0009394553
 10.0011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/10-2022 SDODK0009394637
 10.0011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/10-2023 SDODK0009394710
 10.0011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/10-2024 SDODK0009394983
 10.0011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/10-2025 SDODK0009395014
 10.0011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/10-2026 SDODK0009395287
 10.0011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/10-2027 SDODK0009395360
 10.0011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/10-2028 SDODK0009395444
 10.0011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/10-2029 SDODK0009397143
Tuesday 21s t of August09.0009:3009:351% JYKRE 1/10-2020 SDODK0009396848
 10:3011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/4-2022 SDODK0009389983
Wednesday 22nd of August09.0009:3009:351% JYKRE 1/10-2020 SDODK0009396848
 10:3011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/4-2024 SDODK0009391104
Thursday 23rd of August09.0009:3009:351% JYKRE 1/10-2020 SDODK0009396848
 10:3011:0011:051% JYKRE 1/10-2024 SDODK0009398620

Bids for the offered bonds must be made in terms of amount and price correct up to three decimals. Bids above the fixing price will be settled in full at the fixing price. Bids at the fixing price may be accepted on a pro rata basis.

Jyske Realkredit’s daily bond sales in relation to the disbursement of new mortgage loans, purchases of bonds in relation to redemption of existing mortgage loans and purchases for the investment of surplus liquidity will be executed in parallel with the above mentioned sales.

If technical problems should prevent Jyske Realkredit from conducting an auction, a stock exchange announcement will be issued, detailing how the auction will be carried out in practice.

Jyske Realkredit reserves the right to amend or cancel the offering announced.

Questions may be addressed to Anders Lund Hansen, Head of Mortgage ALM, tel. (+45) 89 89 92 20 or Christian Bech-Ravn, Head of Investor Relations, tel. (+45) 89 89 92 25.

The information will also be available on Jyske Realkredit’s web site at

Yours sincerely
Jyske Realkredit

Please observe that the Danish version of this announcement prevails