Spatial Genomics & Transcriptomics Market is estimated to grow at CAGR above 8.7 % over the forecast time frame and to reach around US$ 270 million by 2026.

LOS ANGELES, July 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acumen Research and Consulting recently published a report titled “Spatial Genomics and Transcriptomics Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2019 - 2026”.

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Current developments in genetic instruments as well as increasing investment in genomics and transcriptomic research are important drivers of market growth in cumulative demand for robust diagnostic alternatives for cancer. In addition, new and start-up genomic businesses are working to meet the growing demand for sophisticated methods to study spatial patterns through new goods.

For instance, GeoMx Digitally Spatial Profiler is planned for 2019 by NanoString Technologies. Furthermore, companies are involved in strategic alliances to capitalize on unexploited market opportunities. A partnership was entered into in April 2017 between Spatial Transcriptomics and Seven Bridges to develop an sophisticated visualizational tool to monitor gene expression within tissue samples.

In disease management, spatial genomics has excellent potential as it assists in providing quantitative genetic expression information, together with visualized DNA & RNA mapping within parts of the tissue. In turn, this generates profitable possibilities for companies to introduce spatially resolved diagnostic and translational research transcriptomics and Genomics-based techniques.

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Key Highlights

Advances in instruments for genome disruption fuel the adoption of FISH and thus lead to the biggest share of technology income. On the other side, massive parallel sequencing leads to an increase in output at low costs and the segment progression is expected to soon be supplemented by fast CAGR. 

The large available sequence platforms that support the research of RNA architecture in tissue or cells were important for spatial transcriptomics. However, IHC methods are anticipated to experience the highest market penetration as they are not very well suited to spatial omics research, but low in performance sequencing.

Due to elevated penetration of products and the broad accessibility of reagents and kits for conducting studies, consumables were the biggest share in revenues. In parallel, strategic partners between players, such as the purchase of Illumina's Edico Genome in May 2018 to speed up the genomic information assessment, lead to a greater software product development rate.

In translation studies, spatial genomics and transcriptomics were the biggest share of income in 2018. Key suppliers give scientists multiple platforms for assessment in genomic studies, access and boost income generation for large-scale biomedical information. Current research into the morphologic state of cells while diagnoses of illnesses gives university clients potential opportunities for market growth.

North America dominated the space genomics and transcriptomics market and is anticipated to proceed with its biggest sales share in 2018. Massive investment in cancer research is attributable to the great demand for sophisticated diagnostic and therapy techniques in the United States. 

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The highest development in Asia Pacific is anticipated during the forecast period. Increasing the geographical expansion of firms from established areas are fitted with cheap manufacturing & operating units in developing economies in the area.

Spatial genomics and transcriptomics allow researchers not only to see what is in a cell but also how cells are organized in relation to each other to offer invaluable insights into an illness through the use of data which were previously beyond the reach of modern methods. Spatial genomics & transcriptomics includes transcriptomic exploration and assortment.

Key Players & Strategies

Some of the key participants operating in this market are NanoString Technologies; 10x Genomics; CARTANA AB; Horizon Discovery Group plc; Illumina, Inc.;S2 Genomics, Inc.; Dovetail Genomics; Seven Bridges Genomic; and Advanced Cell Diagnostics.

Mature players are engaged in developing new platforms in order to preserve their place on the market. Government funding helps new players to expand their product range. For example, the PhaseI STTR grant for the development of a singulator system to automate the preparation of single kernels was awarded by S2 Genomics in June 2018 from the national Institute of Health.

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