Phenom People and SwoopTalent Partner to Instantly Recognize Top Talent

The two HR technology solutions are improving the recruiter experience by cutting down sourcing time and maintaining updated candidate data with millions of profiles

PHILADELPHIA, July 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phenom People, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), today announced its strategic partnership with SwoopTalent, a candidate sourcing platform, to improve the recruiter experience by providing talent acquisition teams with access to more qualified job leads. The integration automatically delivers best-fit candidate profiles into the Phenom CRM, increasing recruiter productivity by eliminating the need to manually source new leads and providing the ability to nurture silver medalists and other candidates with up-to-date information.

Manually sourcing and updating candidate profiles is time-consuming and increases the risk of outdated and incorrect information. The SwoopTalent and Phenom People partnership provides recruiters with an abundance of new candidates with the right information the first time around, shortening the time from sourcing to hiring.

Through seamless AI-powered sourcing, Phenom Talent Experience Management platform users do not need to search through talent pools or professional networks to discover new candidates. These users can harness the SwoopTalent integration in two ways:

 Access Candidate Recommendations from the SwoopTalent Database in the Phenom TXM Platform
  SwoopTalent houses hundreds of millions of candidate profiles, which can be accessed in the Phenom CRM. Phenom’s AI solution reviews the imported job leads list and automatically recommends best-fit candidates for an open job.
 Import Current Candidate Information from SwoopTalent into the Phenom TXM Platform
  Recruiters searching for quality talent based on specific job characteristics in SwoopTalent’s platform can import candidate profiles with the click of a button directly into the Phenom CRM. Additionally, existing candidate profiles are continually merged and updated with contact information and credentials from applicant tracking systems, job boards and the Phenom CRM, allowing recruiters to revisit past applicants at any time.

“Our premise is in delighting recruiters with talent profiles in an instant,” said Saumil Gandhi, vice president of Strategic Partnerships at Phenom People. “Recruiters deserve the best experience and Phenom People strives to deliver that experience. The integration with SwoopTalent offers our joint customers not only countless of sourced candidates, but the most qualified ones for the job, cutting back on time and money invested in the search for high-performing talent.”

“The ability to source from your own tailored talent pool right inside Phenom People is what makes this so good for organizations,” said Stacy Chapman, CEO at SwoopTalent. “All the records from the ATS, CRM and any other source are combined with public data so you’re surfacing the very best talent from everywhere, including internal and your silver medalists. And Phenom does this with a fantastic user experience so recruiters get their job done as easily and effectively as possible.”

Recruiter experience is one of the four experiences that make up Talent Experience Management, which also includes candidate experience, employee experience, and management experience. The Phenom Talent Experience Management platform uses a holistic approach to connect the interactions between each of these experiences.

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