InsideView Expands Its Data Platform to Support Wave of Former Customers

Targeting Intelligence Leader Announces Enhanced Data Matcher, Branch Data, and Data Diagnostics

SAN FRANCISCO, July 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InsideView, the leader in targeting intelligence, today announced a number of strategic enhancements to its data platform to address anticipated demand from prospective customers who will soon need a new data solution to replace the retiring The new features offer benefits beyond the current feature set, including AI-powered matching, branch and site location data, and data diagnostics to evaluate CRM data quality. InsideView also offers resources including professional services for more complex migrations.

Salesforce has announced it will no longer renew Clean and Prospector products after July 31, 2019 and will retire them on July 31, 2020. ( Connect was retired earlier this year.) The market expects a heavy surge of customers to be looking for new solutions in the November to January timeframe, when many Salesforce contracts are due for renewal.

InsideView offers a free service to assess your data health, as many customers have seen a degradation of data quality since the announcement was first made over a year ago.

“Customers tell us that the switch from to InsideView was not only easy but gave them more confidence and made their data more useful than ever,” said Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView. “Now we’re adding more data, more technology, and more analytics to make InsideView even better, because it’s not just about the data. It’s about how it helps drive marketing, sales, and the bottom line.”

InsideView has already helped customers such as Port Logistics Group, EVO Payments, and PowerPlan successfully make the transition from in the months since Salesforce announced the retirement. These customers had started to see data degradation and prioritized making the switch to improve data quality and their overall business operations.

“InsideView is really easy to use and the functionality feels familiar,” says Christine Prior, director of marketing at Port Logistics Group. “The implementation team was very collaborative during the onboarding process and made sure we were happy with the services we were receiving.”

InsideView’s offerings provide customers with additional benefits beyond the feature set of Clean, such as fine grain control for selecting CRM records under management and field level update rules. As for replacing Prospector, the feature set in InsideView Sales goes beyond global company data with access to more than 35 million decision makers, direct dial phone numbers, corporate family trees, real-time insights and news alerts, and a private connections cloud.

InsideView has also made several data platform enhancements to aid the transition for customers, including:

  • Enhanced AI-powered matching that enables a broad offering of data solutions, including:
    • Comprehensive analysis of customers’ data quality (i.e. malformed company names, transposed data fields, incomplete addresses, etc.)
    • Flexibility in match logic based on business needs and data availability (i.e. company name, website / email domains, street address, city, state, country, etc.)
    • Higher match rates and accuracy using probabilistic intent (e.g. inferring a match result based on geographic or industry clustering, etc.,) within the input file.
    • Clear explanations of why records match and suggestions for those that don't match. 
  • Branch data including site counts to drive better territory assignments, route planning, and account prioritization and location details to enable prospecting and list building among top tier accounts in retail, banking, and other location-intensive industries.
  • Data diagnostic to quickly assess CRM data quality, identify data gaps, and visualize customer data distribution (e.g. by industry, geography, employee / revenue size, etc.)

InsideView advises customers to do a thorough assessment of their data before transitioning to a new solution to identify problems and gaps that can be corrected and filled by their replacement. To help with this, InsideView is offering a free data assessment to current customers.

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