Delivering Motivated Car Buyers to Dealerships

Generating More Car Sales by VIN Lead Generation

TORONTO, July 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cody Montana Media Inc. has launched Car Zoo, an Automotive Lead Generation Agency, connecting an active car buyer to a dealership through our social suite applications. The car buyer lead is specific to a vehicle, therefore exponentially generating more sales by streamlining the car buying process and length of time it takes to complete a purchase.

The Dealership Problem

Cody Montana Media Inc. identified the dealership problem as finding and acquiring a self-identified car buyer interested in a specific vehicle that is within their existing inventory.

What We Know

Dealerships frequently annoy potential customers with incessant telephone calls, but more importantly, making that point of contact without really knowing anything about what the potential car shopper wants.

Result:  an irritated car buyer, receiving an impersonal call, their guard up, generally less willing to engage in conversation, is immediately estranged, though they may in fact very much want to make a purchase.

Car Zoo VIN Leads solves that, how?

We are engaging a car buyer, prior to the point of contact, in a non-invasive manner, starting with your specific vehicle, and providing you, the dealer, with the information to immediately allow for the building of a relationship with the dealership for brand equity.  Because our technology provides a lead of a car buyer who has actively expressed an interest in a pre-owned vehicle that sits in current inventory, resides within your dealership, our conversion of leads to sales are exponentially higher than traditional lead programs. 

Car Zoo VIN Leads are all about results:

  • Closing rates are, on average, between 12% to 21%
  • Exceptional relationship building and dealership branding
  • Optimal ROI in the profit equation

The Dealership Solution 

VIN Lead Generation with Car Zoo

Purchase an active car buyer lead specific to a vehicle within inventory, exponentially generating more sales by streamlining the car buying process, the length of time it takes to complete a purchase, freeing up valuable time of both car shopper and salesperson.  

Matching a Dealership with a Car Buyer

Car Zoo’s unique approach of matching a dealership’s inventory to an active car buyer by lead generation is the “Tinder” for a dealership – connecting a car buyer with a dealership by their exact motivation, choice and intent. The car buyer chooses you.  Car Zoo brings together and matches “available” and “interested” car shoppers with a dealership in their area and puts them into the car of their choice. Car Zoo is the courting process of lead generation.

Why Dealers Choose Car Zoo

Only Active Car Hunting, Motivated Car Buyers Found Here!

The dealership only pays for a lead tied to a car buyer’s interest in a vehicle that is on their lot; 100% accountable, and transparent ad management for intelligent automotive lead engagement. This is a lead generation solution that shortens the sales cycle, enhances the closing ratios of the dealership, expands their customer base, and realizes higher profits critical for the ROI objective.

This lead program is the first of its kind within the industry. Car Zoo singularly provides the added value proposition of the car shopper actively taking four to six steps before they provide the dealership with their information for contact. As a direct result the dealership takes delivery of a highly motivated car buyer, a prime candidate to pick up the vehicle and drive it home. If that particular vehicle is not the perfect match, the dealership, likely has the shopper on the lot and now has developed a warm personal relationship and the open door to welcome the car shopper into their automotive group portfolio of available inventory.

How Does It Work

Here are the actions that are taken by the car buyer, demonstrating the high intent lead:

  1. The car buyer is browsing social media content. They see a vivid carousel. Your automotive inventory is right at the point of interest.

  2. The car buyer clicks on the car image and details.

  3. An interface appears.  The car shopper sees the vehicle you’ve chosen as the first result. Below, the entire dealership inventory is displayed and may be scrolled. (We offer 24/7 real-time indexing or API integration to programmatically launch and update campaigns by actively pulling available inventory from the dealership on a daily basis.)

  4. The car buyer clicks on a button "more details" to review further information pertaining to their selected car.

  5. The car buyer fills out their contact information for immediate contact.

  6. The car buyer submits their request.

End Result

The dealership receives, in real time, the high intent lead:

  • The car buyers’ first and last name
  • Email address 
  • Primary phone number, an alternate phone number
  • The postal code to ensure a match to the pre-selected geographic territory chosen by the dealership
  • The vehicle VIN number, the vehicle’s make, model and year, color, list price and odometer reading
  • A high intent lead for the sales person or business development team

The lead comes full circle, see our demo.

Car Zoo provides a dealership with an active car buyer, already engaged in their inventory, who has browsed with complete transparency in a non-invasive manner, while building a relationship with the dealership on the vehicle details page without any strings attached. This is significant.  This is paramount to our business model. The request for contact is solely initiated by the car buyer. As a result, this potential customer is already attracted to the dealership at the point of contact, augmenting the relationship. The value afforded by Car Zoo will have then run full circle as the car buyer is excited and waiting to receive contact from the dealership. This is unique.


Pricing in Ontario is $135.00 per VIN lead (other provinces in Canada vary accordingly; AB + BC $265.00) with a minimum order of 100 leads. To participate in this program a dealership must maintain an inventory minimum of 50 vehicles.

About Car Zoo

Every dealership faces the challenge of demonstrating the value of its products and services, to both existing and potential customers, in the most viable and effective way. The Car Zoo network channel, with its market reach and dynamic capabilities delivers high intent car buyer leads, and is rapidly becoming a vital automotive branding, lead generation and communications channel for a dealership.

Car Zoo connects a consumer with a vehicle and a dealership. In a non-intrusive, relevant manner that is purely permission based and compliant with all privacy laws, impacting customer acquisition and loyalty retention. We provide a unique opportunity without "incentive laden" techniques or any "strings attached", access to dealership inventories while always adhering to the ideals of business etiquette and principles of trust.

With success, retention and accountability, we assist dealerships and grow their market sectors and revenue streams for direct response results tied to the ROI equation.

We are a Canadian footprint agency that yields success for doing things intelligently and the right way with business etiquette and integrity.

To see the demo view this page 

Jeff Goodfield
Cody Montana Media Inc.