Frie, Aug. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jerome Karam is not a new name if you are familiar with real estate business in Texas and Louisiana. Jerome karam Friendswood Texas first made his name as an attorney who specialised in accident injury cases and business litigation. 

Later on, he started the real estate company that specialises in remodelling, renovating and converting old buildings for new uses. He is dedicated to his business and has successfully made a name for himself in the real estate world.

Jerome Karam properties is a native in Louisiana and knows the area very well. This gives him an insight on which buildings can be renovated and remodelled. He can look at a building and know if it's worth being renovated. Also, he knows most of the buildings in the area that are not meeting their potential due to bad condition. His knowledge of the area makes him stand out in the real estate business.

Who knew that an old breweries factory could be turned into an amazing boutique hotel, a cruise ship terminal parking with an amazing rooftop events venue? Jerome karam Friendswood Texas had a vision of an old breweries factory to transform it into something amazing, and that can be used for a different purpose.

He took his time in designing the project to bring it to vision. The first step he took into making this space different was to clear up around 100000 square feet space. He turned this space to an outdoor and indoor parking space that can be used by the cruise ship terminal within the area.

He saw the need for parking space and took upon himself to change the brewing company into something amazing, and that is needed by society. He then spent time transforming the remaining space into a luxurious boutique hotel. He added a rooftop venue for events to utilise all the space.

Additionally, he wanted to ensure that the building can't be affected by storm and hurricane. He installed flood-proof and climate-controlled storage that can weather any storm. He aimed at maintaining the original structure of the building.

Back in 2008, the Texas city mall was affected by hurricane, storm and flooding. This led to the closure of the mall since it was deemed unfit for business. Most of the walls had cracked, and people feared for their safety.

Most of the people in the area who had set up businesses in the mall lost their source of income. Also, the people lost their hangout place and had to look for alternatives. This loss hit a low blow to the economy of the area.

The people in the area resulted in renting out spaces outside the mall to continue with their business. Outside the mall, there are big stores like Walmart since people are not willing to risk their income by renting a space in the mall.

This has resulted in a loss of a big useful space. Jerome Karam Mall of the Mainland noticed this and aimed at starting a project to turn the mall into a useful space. Since he is a native of the area, he has a connection with the mall and wants to restore it.

Restoring the functionality of the mall will help increase the income of the area since most people would not be afraid to set up their business in the mall. Also, it will put the mall back in business and give the people a hangout area that they once enjoyed. The project aims at installing flood-proof storage facilities and making the mall 
resistant to floods and hurricanes. 

What Next? The real estate business is Jerome Karam Friendswood Texas way of giving back to the society. Since he is a native of the area, he knows what his community needs. He aims at improving the area and increasing the income levels of the people around Texas and Louisiana.