First-of-Its-Kind Fertility App to Quantify Women’s LH Hormone Level to Get Real-Time Ovulation Prediction

Burr Ridge, Illinois, UNITED STATES

Burr Ridge, Illinois, Aug. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Premom, a new ovulation prediction app designed to help women get pregnant naturally, has recently launched a digital reader feature: quantifying a woman’s LH level and digitizing the ovulation cycle. Driven by their customer-centric values, Premom prides itself in providing a reader that is compatible with any ovulation test brand, as well as continuing to be an innovative leader in the fertility industry, most recently launching their uniquely designed and highly precise quantitative ovulation tests.

Premom has already helped 18,000 women get pregnant naturally without the need to seek medical assistance. It is a continued success alongside its mother brand easy@Home, which has sold over 50 million tests, accrued over four thousand online testimonials, and is ranked as a best-seller in the ovulation tests category on Amazon for the past four years. Premom is also a breakthrough innovation for the fertility community. 

Premom is so successful in tracking LH levels, the app is recommended to IVF and IUI patients who now have the ability to track their LH levels at home, in advance of the procedure, making it possible for doctors to retrieve natural eggs for natural IVF. Dr. James Moruzzi at Olympia Women’s Health in Washington has done research on the tremendous effectiveness of Premom. “Our future direction will be to identify time of follicular rupture relative to Start of the Urinary LH Surge using Premom.  The intention is to more accurately time inseminations just before egg release, and perhaps to time follicular aspirations for natural cycle IVF,” said Dr. Moruzzi.  

Regarding what sets Premom apart from other fertility apps, Sherry Liu, founder and CEO of Premom, explains: “There are three key features that set us apart from other apps: (1) in-app digital LH level readings, providing real-time ovulation prediction, (2) combining the most reliable and commonly used body signals such as BBT, LH, period tracking within the algorithm to boost accuracy and remove guesswork, and (3) user-centered solutions within intuitive, neat, and simple screens.  A lot of similar apps try to collect numerous users’ data points to figure out their patterns. We understand users want the simplest and most effective tool. So, we incorporated the state-of-the-art biotech, AI and wireless technology on our backend into a simple, user-friendly interface.”

Premom’s new digital reader feature is the best example of the brand’s simple, yet intuitive approach. Until now, it's been challenging for women to track their hormonal progression and decipher the results. Now, women just upload a picture of their test strips (either from a photo gallery or automatically), and Premom aligns them and calculates the LH level from 0 to 80 mIU/mL to help pinpoint fertile windows more accurately and precisely than ever. 

Along with this new feature, Premom rolled out the new quantitative test opks (ovulation predictor kits). The innovative design makes it ideal for women who deal with PCOS, irregular cycles, and multiple surges to define their results.

“We’re proud that Premom helps thousands of families’ baby dreams come true regardless of any difficulties they might have. Our mission is to be the #1 choice of TTC women, and we are dedicated to that purpose,” says Sherry Liu.

The Premom Ovulation Predictor App is available for download at Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. Learn more online at


About Premom

Premom, based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, is dedicated to helping women get pregnant sooner and naturally. As a new, innovative ovulation prediction app, Premom was incubated by thousands of successfully pregnant women who have used the easy@Home brand, which is the mother brand of Premom. Premom applies its successful technology and expertise to help TTC women to easily achieve their natural family planning goals. 

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Quantify your LH level from 0 to 80 mIU/mL, and see your results. With the picture you upload to the app, the exact LH level will appear and align simultaneously. Premom will automatically take all your LH level numbers and show you an intuitive picture of your ovulation cycle and your most fertile day. If you would like to log other fertility data, all of your information will show up in the same chart. Then, you will not only have a complete picture of your whole cycle, you will also have a whole picture of all of your fertility signals.

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