S.C.M.G. Internship

New Lenox, Illinois, UNITED STATES

Tinley Park, IL, Aug. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “My success relies on my ability to teach and develop others,” explains CEO, Joe Pavone Jr. This summer Joe had the opportunity to personally mentor students that were selected to do an internship with South Chicago Management Group (S.C.M.G.). Three of the students selected, were Austin Ford, Nicholas Graves and Zachary Rudsinski. Austin is a thriving student at Purdue University and Krannert School of Management with a major in Business Management and a minor in Marketing. He has also obtained a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Nicholas is also a bright student at the University of Chicago with a major in Public Policy and a minor in Economics. Nicholas holds a strong interest in marketing, consulting and finance. And lastly, Zachary is a blossoming student at Illinois State University, studying for a major in Business Administration and is on the school’s Rugby’s team.

Upon completing the internship with S.C.M.G. and having the opportunity to work closely with Joe over the course of summer, we asked Austin, Nicholas and Zachary a series of questions about their experience with the firm. We first asked Austin what skills he has acquired that will benefit him in his future endeavors. “Accountability, persistence and positivity. Technically not a skill but is a necessary trait to have when trying to acquire any new skills. Joe’s positive outlook and confidence rubbed off on me a lot and I hope to carry this forward in my daily life, so that simple tasks don’t ever become daunting,” explained Austin. Upon asking Nicholas the same, he explained he has obtained a series of skills, “Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, organization, time and attitude management, working collaboratively with a team, perseverance and patience.” Lastly, Zachary explained that he developed better communication and sales skills. He also worked closely with S.C.M.G.’s Campaign Manager to track production.

We then went on to ask Austin, ‘Why did you choose S.C.M.G. for your internship?’ “I chose S.C.M.G. because I felt like I made a strong connection throughout my interview process with some of the people working there. I felt comfortable speaking with them and felt that I shared some common interests. There is tremendous potential for growth within the company which is another huge reason why I chose to intern with SCMG,” stated Austin. When asking Nicholas why he decided to choose S.C.M.G. for his internship, he explained, “I loved the company culture, sought to achieve valuable real-world working experience, and to learn more about the logistics of building, running and maintaining a business.” Zachary explains that he chose S.C.M.G. for his internship because the company seen potential in him and it would be beneficial overall.

When asked how to describe the company culture at S.C.M.G., Austin stated, “The company culture was great, a very people-oriented business!” Austin has finished up his internship with S.C.M.G. on a rather positive note and has exciting plans for his future. “The next step for me is coming up rather quickly. The career fairs at Purdue University start in September so I will be attending those. I plan on interviewing with multiple companies and hopefully narrow down my decision with some offers as well. Having people like Joe and Campaign Manager, Hassan, as great resources will be very beneficial, and I feel comfortable to give either of them a call whether I need interview/career advice or anything else,” explained Austin. Nicholas explained that the company culture at S.C.M.G. is friendly, competitive, and collaborative. “As I am heading into my next semester of college, I plan to look for another internship for the year 2020 and I hope to be invited back to this company again next summer,” explained Nicholas. We then asked Zachary to describe S.C.M.G.’s company culture and about the next step in his profession. “S.C.M.G.’s company culture is positive, and they want to grow others. The next step in my profession is to search for opportunities in operations management and sales during my senior year. I also might be going to graduate school in the future. I would like to say thank you for the wonderful opportunity this summer, I appreciate everyone at S.C.M.G. for welcoming me with open arms!!,” concluded Zachary.

Joe would like to thank Austin, Nicholas and Zachary for participating in his internship with S.C.M.G. this summer and for their hard work and student mentality. “Austin, Nicholas and Zachary were all quick learners, always had fantastic attitudes and are all likely of their peers to succeed in their life-goals. I do hope that our paths cross again in the future,” stated Joe.



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