Orion Energy Systems Launches New Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures and Product Line Expansions, Including its Innovative Field Adjustable Lumen Select High Bay, ISON™ Linear Retrofit Kits, and Harris Troffer Retrofits

Manitowoc, Wisconsin, UNITED STATES

MANITOWOC, Wis., Aug. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Orion Energy Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: OESX) (Orion Lighting), a provider of enterprise-grade LED lighting and energy project solutions, today announced its latest new product launch. Innovative new products include the company’s first field adjustable high bay, the Harris LED Lumen Select; the ISON™ Linear Retrofit Kit, available in two distinct designs; end mounted network controls ideal for high bay, low bay and aisle applications; and many other product introductions and expansions as detailed below.

Mike Altschaefl, Orion CEO, commented, "Reflecting Orion’s longstanding commitment to product development and innovation, we are proud to introduce a range of innovative new products, including dozens of product line extensions that offer added features and functionality intended to address the needs of customers in each of our three principal sales channels. 

“All of these new fixtures reflect our emphasis on quality, lighting performance and energy efficiency while incorporating new features and capabilities, including smart controls and Internet of Things capabilities, that respond to our customers’ needs. Underlying all our product offerings is Orion’s unrivaled customer service as well as our smart designs, ease of installation and ‘Made in USA’ quality.”

High Bay and Enclosed High Bay Applications

NEW: HARRIS LED Lumen Select High Bay, Gen 1 | LSLH1
Orion’s first manual field adjustable high bay fixture provides great flexibility by allowing you to change the fixture’s light output with just a few simple adjustments with easily accessible switches. This unique feature enables utilization in low bay and high bay environments while addressing a facility’s unique lighting needs today and as they evolve. Available in 2’ and 4’ fixture lengths, the 2’ version is adjustable to deliver 9,000 to 15,000 lumens and the 4’ version is adjustable to deliver 18,000 to 30,000 lumens, making this a highly versatile fixture for lighting contractors and customers alike.

NEW: ISON™ Linear LED High Bay, Gen 1 | LMAF1
Orion’s newest ISON High Bay with a completely new look and feel. The fixture has upright slots included in the design, creating airflow around the electric components and providing upward illumination of the ceiling for retailers and other applications. Available in 9,000 or 18,000 lumens and 4’ and 8’ fixture lengths.

NEW: HARRIS LED Patriot Slimline™ High Bay, Gen 1 | HBHS1
Provides a sleek new construction or retrofit solution over other entry-level LED fixtures, linear fluorescent or HID systems. Low profile design offers energy savings, low maintenance, and modular plug-n-play control options for high and low bay settings in industrial, commercial and retail applications. Available in 4’ and 8’ fixture lengths with a sleek, lightweight design and offering 12,000 to 39,000 lumen options.

NEW: HARRIS LED Wet Rated High Bay, Gen 1 | WRRH1
Orion's first round enclosed high bay fixture includes a UL Wet Rating and IP66 rating. This fixture can withstand demanding environments making it ideal for indoor or outdoor environments. Available in two light output levels, 13,000 and 19,000 lumens, this fixture offers optional occupancy and photocell sensor options.

Troffer Retrofit

UPDATE: HARRIS High Efficiency LED Troffer Retrofit, Gen 2 | LDRE2
The next generation of the Harris LDR delivering up to 161 lumens per watt, the LDRE product series comes in three form factors: 1'x4', 2'x'2' and 2'x4'. Retrofitting to LED from fluorescent is so easy; it takes just minutes and only one person to complete the full installation.

UPDATE: HARRIS LED Troffer Retrofit LDRE S Series | LDRES2
The second generation, durable steel version of the industry’s first patented LED Troffer Retrofit contained within the door frame. This fixture retrofits existing 1'x4', 2'x'2' and 2'x4' fluorescent troffers to LED and can be installed in a few minutes with minimal workplace disruption. Comes in 2,000 to 4,000 lumens and has 3 installation bracket types.

New Category - Linear High Bay Retrofit Kits

NEW: ISON™ Linear LED Modular Retrofit, Gen 1 | LMAR1
NEW: ISON™ Linear LED Streamline Retrofit, Gen 1 | LSAR1  
Orion's first ISON class LED linear retrofit kits are available in two distinct retrofit designs to meet any facility’s lighting or installation needs. Available in 4' and 8' lengths and in 9,000 or 18,000 lumens. Integrated IoT control option is available for 8’ retrofit kits. The LMAR1 is Orion’s first modular, field assembled ISON class LED retrofit kit; updates the fluorescent body to a sleeker look with a curved lens. The factory assembled LSAR1 kit installs over the existing fluorescent housing and provides an attractive new look to facility.

Linear Fixtures

NEW: HARRIS LED Multipurpose Linear, Gen 1 | MPHL1
NEW: APOLLO® LED Multipurpose Linear, Gen 1 | MPAL1
These multipurpose linear fixtures are ideal for low bay, assembly line, strip, surface mount, continuous run or task operations in warehouse and retail environments. Fixtures range from 1,500 to 14,000 lumens and offer suspended mounting or continuous run options as well as a field installed wire guard option.


NEW: End Mounted, Network Controls | OEMS1

Ideal for high bay, low bay and aisle applications looking to utilize wireless controls. Plug & play sensor can be added after fixture is installed with no need to open fixture or touch the electrical system. Includes remote control adjustment and wireless controls and sensor options, now including a Bluetooth sensor capability.

About Orion Energy Systems
Orion is a provider of enterprise-grade LED lighting and energy project solutions. Orion manufactures and markets connected lighting systems encompassing LED solid-state lighting and smart controls. Orion systems incorporate patented design elements that deliver significant energy efficiency, as well as optical and thermal performance that drive financial, environmental, and work-space benefits for a wide variety of customers, including nearly 40% of the Fortune 500.

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HARRIS LED Lumen Select High Bay, Gen 1 | LSLH1 ISON™ Linear LED High Bay, Gen 1 | LMAF1