San Diego, California, Aug. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jimmy Delgado has an evolving teaching career that spans over 20 years, where he has been an active social science teacher. He started his career in 1997 by teaching social sciences at San Ysidro Middle school. With progression in his experience, Delgado went on to teach in different schools including, the Willow School, Ocean View Hill School, Vesta Del Mar School. Currently, he is serving the educational service department at San Ysidro School District. 

Jimmy Delgado has been a strong supporter when it comes to helping people with mental problems. His arguments remain where the administrations spend billions on other activities, the funding remains low for the mental health department. The recent incident at San Diego is one of the many occurrences that are the direct result of inadequate funding to help people with psychological issues. A 49-year-old man committed suicide inside the San Diego library some time back. The incident is an awakening call for the mental crisis and predicaments the people are facing in the community. The suicide at the Central Libray left everyone in a shock, and the Central Library sent the staff who witnessed the horrible incident on time off. While others see the problem as an isolated incident, teacher Jimmy Delgado San Ysidro advocates such extreme measures due to the lack of help and resources available to people. The lack of funding for mental health causes prevents people from getting help with mental health problems. 

San Diego's population is not oblivious to the issues surrounding them. While the government is shying away from adding more funds to the cause of the treatment of psychological problems, the people continue to suffer. According to recent research, these mental health issues disturb people of all ages. There is an ongoing requirement of assistance and help for the people who suffer from such mental lapses. The suicide rates are alarmingly high, where the administration cannot pretend to look the other way. The issues are more prevalent in elderlies and people over 40 years of age. In San Diego, most of the seniors end up living lives of isolation, with mental problems that cause severe grief depression and paranoia. Lack of access to treatment plans escalates the conditions, and many end up taking their lives. 

The city holds many debates on the need for more funding. While Jimmy Delgado advocates more generous donations to the cause, the reality is that the lack of funding is creating a big gap to give quality treatment to the patients. According to Theresa Bish, who served on the mental health advisory board, the county lacks the commitment to spend money on the immediate treatment of people who are suffering from mental illness. According to Theresa, most of the funding goes in the pockets of consultants, and pilot projects instead. 

According to the recent date, San Diego Mental health allocation has millions in funds that are unspent regardless of the severity of the issues. The county needs to take progressive measures so new facilities can come in for a host of treatment options to people with mental illness. The lack of funding also leads to psychological problems in people who are homeless or have no shelter options to settle in. There are regular objections about homelessness and a need for satisfactory assistance for people needing shelter.

Teacher Jimmy Delgado San Ysidro, like other supporters, feels that the only way to deal with the prevalent mental health crisis is giving free treatment access to people with such issues. 

San Diego community wants to see mental health funds allocation for the betterment of the society and proper treatment of people with mental and psychological illness.