WATERLOO, Ontario, Aug. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aterica Digital Health today announces the Walgreens in-store availability of Veta™ Smart Case & App – the first-ever comprehensive anaphylaxis and food allergy support system for individuals and their families. Veta provides peace of mind for everyone involved by surrounding individuals with a connected support circle of family, friends, and caregivers using Veta App and a network of sensor-filled Veta Smart Case-enabled epinephrine auto-injectors.

“Keeping life-saving epinephrine with you when you need it is paramount for those with life-threatening anaphylaxis,” said Alex Leyn, CEO of Aterica. “This expanded consumer access to Veta Smart Cases demonstrates our commitment to offering an advanced patient-friendly solution that eases the challenges of daily vigilance and offers greater independence.”

“Walgreens pharmacies are one of the most trusted and largest sources of epinephrine auto-injectors for those who are diagnosed with anaphylaxis,” said Mike Fisher, VP Marketing & Business Development. “Offering Veta in-store and online provides greater awareness and access to an innovative daily assist device that helps make Epi unforgettable and alerts loved ones when Epi is removed.”

Approximately 40 million people have a serious, potentially anaphylactic allergy to food, bee stings, and latex in the U.S. alone. Avoiding allergen triggers is complex and daily vigilance is difficult, but Veta introduces a number of critical support features, including the following:

  • Removal Alerts to indicate when the auto-injector is removed from Veta Smart Case as well as sharing information about the user’s location to the user’s support circle
  • Separation Alerts to notify when the auto-injectors have been left behind
  • FindMe Locator to locate misplaced auto-injectors quickly and easily using a map and by activating the smart case’s flashing lights and beeping sounds
  • Temperature Monitor to notify the user when the auto-injector’s temperature is not within the range set by the user
  • Expiry Watch to warn about approaching expiry dates that could affect the integrity of epinephrine inside the auto-injector
  • Support Circles that allow individuals and families to stay connected to support someone living with anaphylaxis and provide comfort and assistance in the event of a reaction

Currently, Veta Smart Case is compatible with EPIPEN®, EPIPEN JR® and Mylan’s authorized generics to EPIPEN® auto-injectors. Veta is available for purchase in Two Pack ($169.99 USD) format at select Walgreens pharmacies and the Two Pack ($169.99 USD) and One Pack ($99.99 USD) formats are available online at Walgreens.com. See https://veta.fyi/walgreens for more details.

About Aterica Digital Health
Aterica is a consumer-focused digital health company that develops health measurement, monitoring, and diagnostic products to enable individuals to proactively manage their health on their own terms. Aterica has created Veta, a comprehensive anaphylaxis and food allergy support system. Veta includes hardware and cloud-connected mobile software components that help individuals and their families living with anaphylaxis practice good self-management practices and supports them and their loved ones in the event of an allergic reaction.

To find out more about Aterica and Veta, visit www.aterica.com.

Media Contacts:
James Fischer, Aterica Digital Health, +1.855.476.1390 x202, announcements@aterica.com