Transform Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

Seattle Tech Company Builds World’s First AI Supercomputer for Media

Seattle, Washington, UNITED STATES

Seattle, Sept. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Transform, the leader in AI for Media, is proud to announce they’ve been accepted into the prestigious Inception Program, NVIDIA’s accelerator that “nurtures cutting-edge AI startups who are revolutionizing industries.” With the help of NVIDIA technology, Transform is building the world’s first distributed media supercomputer, which will operate at unprecedented levels of speed and scale.

Transform’s AI technology analyzes video content – television shows, movies, newscasts, music videos, commercials and trailers – to answer the fundamental questions of why audiences connect, react and engage. This technology will revolutionize how this content is created, licensed, marketed and delivered to audiences around the world.

NVIDIA DGX technology is the heart of Transform’s media supercomputer, which breaks down video content into its building blocks and determines which elements truly resonate with the audience. This platform delivers an entirely new analysis of video, deciphering creative concepts such as characters, setting, stories, scenes, emotions, topics, moods, pacing and more.

“Our image and audio models leverage transfer learning of neural networks to classify shots, recover scenes, recognize talent and detect emotions,” says Chief Data Scientist Will Henderson-Drager. “This is why an NVIDIA supercomputer is essential.”

Transform is also using NVIDIA technology to broadly scale its supercomputer geographically. The world’s first AI Edge Device has been built on the NVIDIA Jetson platform to “watch” media via over-the-air (OTA) and over-the-top (OTT), forwarding metadata to the DGX supercomputer for deep analysis.

“Thanks to NVIDIA, we’re realizing our vision for a distributed supercomputer and syndicated machine learning that can watch video, understand its creative essence and determine the tastes and preferences of audiences around the world,” co-founder and CEO Tom Chiarella says. “We are initially deploying our AI Edge Device in all 210 markets across the country to analyze all local news programming.” 

Transform’s AI for Media, now powered by NVIDIA supercomputing technology, has the potential to change how audiences connect with video content, according to Tim Hanlon, CEO of the Vertere Group.

“Vertere is focused on understanding the use of technology in media and advertising, and Transform has the only AI we’ve seen capable of this deep creative content analysis,” Hanlon says. “With this supercomputer, Transform can now inform decisions at each stage of content creation and distribution. This capability will be used by newsrooms, writers’ rooms and in just about every aspect of creative production and marketing. Executing these bold, ambitious ideas will define the future of media and advertising.”

About Transform

Transform delivers the first machine-learning and AI platform for media that shows what works, and what doesn’t, in content, talent and marketing. Our pioneering technology breaks down the elements of video – television shows, movies, newscasts, music videos, commercials and trailers – and evaluates millions of correlations between those elements and viewer metrics to determine what truly resonates with audiences. Transform empowers media companies with simple, actionable insights from script to syndication.

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