Unique Funding Innovations and VIP Benefits Prompt Blockchain Crypto & Mining Association to Host Annual Meeting at Upcoming World Crypto Conference


LAS VEGAS, Sept. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WCC MINE, an annual mining conference held as part of Vegas Blockchain Week and World Crypto Conference (WCC), continues to establish a foothold as one of the most influential conferences in the world. As a testament to this, EVOLV Events, the organizing body behind Vegas Blockchain Week, WCC and other standout yearly blockchain gatherings, is pleased to announce that the Blockchain Crypto & Mining Association (BCMA) has chosen WCC MINE 2019 as the setting for its annual meeting.

Taking place Oct. 29-31 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas as part of WCC 2019, WCC MINE 2019 will feature a unique format that emphasizes serious financial collaboration, deal making and problem solving for the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining industry. As a special amenity for BCMA members, a dedicated VIP section will be available to them throughout WCC 2019 to help facilitate meaningful business meetings. This includes equipment supply, deal making, and innovative lending products. 

Matt Tunney, president of BCMA, explained, “WCC’s Mining Conference has amazing opportunities and a world-class venue, all of which match BCMA’s values and commitment to providing its members with a forum for moving the mining industry forward. WCC’s new business development opportunities; quality of attendees; and professional, regulatory and political advocacy make a difference to our members. Our commitment to educate and advocate for the community can truly impact the success of our members' businesses.” 

The maturing of the mining industry and its expansion in North America have created a need for a professional organization to help blockchain miners and high-density data center operators communicate their goals and advocate the world’s communities. Those communities have the opportunity to benefit from economic impacts and technology innovations that are starting to be transformative in many areas, including finance, security, data records and supply chain management. 

Describing BCMA’s development, Eric Spire, CEO of EVOLV Events, said, “We embraced the mining community at WCC in 2018 and, after a very successful event, began speaking with our partners at Power Block Coin about the idea of establishing a mining association from the ground up. Shortly thereafter, we were introduced to BCMA, and we all quickly realized we could contribute more to the Mining Association by hosting an annual meeting of BCMA members at Vegas Blockchain Week. We’re excited to be at the epicenter of this rapidly evolving industry and look forward to hosting BCMA for many years to come.”

WCC MINE is sponsored collaboratively by EVOLV and Power Block Coin. Aaron Tilton, president and CEO of Power Block Coin, shared the strategy behind last years’ success: “Our 2018 success centered around the concept that a conference benefits companies by focusing on solving industry problems. Nothing compares to two days of face time with serious companies working toward collaboration and growth. We had a good time, but our focus was and is always on business first. We used those two days to conduct meetings – all in one location – with companies that are at the forefront of the mining industry.”

Tickets for WCC MINE can be purchased at https://evolv.events/wcc-vegas/tickets/

Use affiliate code BCMAWCC2019 to gain access to exclusive events specifically for BCMA members.

About BCMA (Blockchain and Crypto Mining Association)

BCMA is one of the biggest stakeholders in the crypto space as the largest nonprofit mining association. Formed and registered in 2018, the entity focuses on educating the public on blockchain and blockchain mining across many aspects.

The board of the association consists of industry experts and professionals selected not only based on their expertise in blockchain mining but also on their highly successful careers in other fields such as finance, software and marketing.

For more information, visit www.ourbcma.org

About WCC MINE 2019

WCC MINE 2019 will focus on all segments of blockchain infrastructure, from block producers to mining pools. Learn from industry experts about available financing options, power resources, data center planning and implementation, equipment suppliers, cloud mining companies, mining pool operators, and the many ways by which mining operations can be financed to solve cash flow and operational risks.

For more information, visit www.worldcryptocon.com

About Power Block Coin, LLC

Power Block Coin is a blockchain financing and cryptocurrency mining resource company that has extensive experience with power resources, efficient financing and cryptocurrency mining resources enabling the rapid deployment of large scale mining resources for blockchain networks.

For more information, visit www.powerblockcoin.com 

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