Cansativa imports first medical cannabis from Australia to Germany

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany, Sept. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- German cannabis company Cansativa GmbH becomes the first European company to import medical cannabis from Australia. The test samples are provided by Little Green Pharma (LGP). This underlines Cansativa's aspiration to provide security of supply on the German market and is an important step for commercializing Australian cannabis in Europe.

Once again, the Frankfurt-based cannabis company Cansativa makes headlines. After becoming the first German company to receive the authorization to import medical cannabis from South America in April, Cansativa further extends its regular supplier base to Australian company Little Green Pharma.

“Our new partner in Australia helps us to tackle the growing supply problems in the German market and secure the amount of deliveries necessary to meet the increasing demands by the patients. This is an important step in ensuring security of supply for patients in Germany.”

Benedikt Sons, co-founder of Cansativa and co-managing director together with Jakob Sons

Following its legalization of medical cannabis in 2017, Germany has become one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. Cansativa is eager to professionalize the market through service for foreign companies along the value chain, starting with imports to Europe and Germany. This also applies to storage and purchase, making Cansativa an increasingly important player in the German and European cannabis trade.

“Cansativa has aggregated a lot of know-how over the last year regarding process reliability, dealing with authorities, market structure, competition, and the necessary legal expertise. Just recently we successfully imported our first samples from Uruguay. With the Australian import, we once again underscore our ambition to provide security of supply through global sourcing. As a first mover of the whole industry, we make our contribution to a more professional and reliable market,” concludes Benedikt Sons.

“We are thrilled to work on this proof of concept and that the first Australian products will soon touch European soil. Together with Cansativa we are about to finalize the supplier qualification for the European market.”

Fleta Solomon, managing director of LGP


Cansativa GmbH
Cansativa provides independent market access and extensive warehousing and distribution capacities.

Founded in 2017, Cansativa is a GDP-certified pharmaceutical wholesaler licensed for trade in controlled substances and headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Cansativa is committed to the goal of professionalizing the medical cannabis market, eliminating stigmatization surrounding it, and reducing prices for patients.

Since the very beginning, Cansativa has operated its own distribution and fulfillment center, and as one of the “first movers” in the industry, it has become one of the largest importers and distributors of medical cannabis in Germany. From its location in Frankfurt am Main, the company supplies pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers throughout Germany.

With the ongoing expansion of a second GMP/GDP site in the Rhine-Main area Cansativa creates even more import, distribution and warehousing capacities.

Cansativa’s founding team can build upon two generations of expertise in the fields of medicine, law, and strategy.

Little Green Pharma
Little Green Pharma is the first and currently only company in Australia to grow and produce cannabinoid medicines for patient use. In April 2017, the company was granted one of the few licenses in Australia by the Australian Federal Office of Drug Control to cultivate and produce Medical Cannabis for patients. The company launched Australia’s first medicinal cannabis oils in August 2018.

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