SAN DIEGO and EMERYVILLE, Calif., Sept. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brands that want to measure ad-campaign effectiveness should look into intent data from Bombora. That's the word today from Teradata and Just Media.

Teradata, the leader in cloud-based data and analytics, recently worked with its agency Just Media to launch a global branding campaign across traditional and digital media channels, including billboards, targeted online advertising, and social media. In an effort to validate the campaign’s effectiveness, Just Media searched for a solution beyond traditional surveys, panels, or simple online engagement metrics — and decided to apply Bombora’s intent data. Bombora’s Brand Measurement gauges the level of interest in a company brand as indicated by increased content topic consumption related to that brand.

“Teradata’s innovative marketing team wanted a new approach to measuring awareness impact,” said Just Media CEO Brandon Friesen. “We were excited to work with Bombora to help create a groundbreaking approach to brand measurement using Intent data at the core. The end result, Company Surge Score, proved a very effective way to track awareness improvement both at a general and account-level.”

To understand the normal interest level for Teradata among B2B companies, Bombora ran a Historical Buyer Journey Analysis (looking at the specific content topics that customers consumed prior to purchasing, in order to find other companies that are on a similar journey) against the topic “Teradata” for the target accounts and all other companies for six months before the campaign to establish a comparative historical baseline. An Audience Verification tag was placed on many of the paid digital media placements to measure campaign reach and frequency against those target accounts in the U.S., U.K. and Germany.

The results:

  • The volume of companies interested in the topic “Teradata” was consistent with the media spending patterns during the campaign. During heavy spending periods, the volume of companies interested were much higher than during lighter spending periods
  • Compared to the baseline, the number of companies actively interested in the topic “Teradata” dramatically increased for both target accounts and all companies during the campaign period — indicating that the campaign increased overall awareness for Teradata
  • For target accounts during a period of heavy media spend, there was a 78% lift in the number of target U.S. companies interested in Teradata compared to the historical baseline
  • For all companies, after the very first week of the campaign, Teradata saw a 279% lift in the number of U.S. companies interested in Teradata compared to the historical baseline

“The importance of brand advertising cannot be understated.  Nor can the difficulty in measuring its efficacy.   The use of intent data to help brands see how well their ad campaigns are working marks a major step forward for the industry,” said Bombora CEO Erik Matlick. “We look forward to working with companies like Teradata, Just Media, and other innovators to develop this further.”

This news first appeared in MediaPost.

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