CarGuard Administration Inc Continuing With Services Options

Leawood, Kansas, Sept. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The CEO and founder of CarGuard Administration Inc believe in excellent customer services. Elijah Norton, as the CEO of the company,  started the services in Leawood, Kansas in January 2015. With an exceptional track record of providing custom car solutions, he grew the company with having 0 contracts to over 1000 contracts for vehicle services in the first four months of the services. 

As of today, Elijah serves the company as founder/consultant and is an advisor to the Senior management and the entire team of CarGuard.  Through his role, he plans to assist the company in further growth and development and facilitate the company with future expansion plans. 

CarGuard Administration Inc has announced new expansion plans, with Elijah to oversee the progress. The company has come a long way since its inception a few years back and boot over 20 marketing partners and many new contracts.  The company has recorded an impressive year-to-year revenue growth of over 50% a year. 

Located in Leawood, Kansas, which is a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, the company offers many services to its valuable clients through comprehensive vehicle protection plans. The services include the platinum Deluxe program covering the vehicle Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle, Transfer Case, Steering, Electrical Components, A/C, Front and Rear Suspension, Fuel System, Cooling System, and Seals & Gaskets. Other popular plans are the Gold Deluxe plan and Powertrain Enhance cover. There other options in affordable ranges to provide protections to vehicle parts and engine components as per the requirements of the vehicle owner. 

Why Select the CarGuard Administration Inc?

The company recently announced a plan to bring more exclusive packages to the customers. With a current Business Bureau rating of A- the company is now looking to hire more direct marketing experts, to help the customers get a fitting vehicle service plan. In recent times the customers have moved away from most of the vehicle service consumer plans as most companies offer poor services, with no regard to the financial protection of the customer.  CarGuard continues to build its momentum as one of the leading service providers in auto protection. Much of the success the company is achieving is because of the creation of the best service plans and handling consumer complaints promptly. In 2019, the company has enrolled new marketing partners to bring well-written projects to the customer in easy to understand terms. The company continues to offer its standard benefits such as the first-day car rental, a bonus that most companies don't give to their members. 

Why Is CarGuard Administration Inc Different?

CarGuard follows specific standards that set it apart from its and the reason why consumers choose the services. For starters, all plans are in easy-to-read straightforward wordings. Most other services use a complicated language, and a member does not get what he is buying in a program. 

The plans come with a first-day rental coverage. The customer does not have to wait for up to 8 hours to get a car on rental. Apart from this, the services include 24 hours of roadside assistance, to cover any car emergency such as towing requirements, misplacing the keys, etc.  

The cover amount offer is the value of the car or at least up to $12,500. This coverage protects car getting a $25,000 protection for a $25,000 vehicle. However, even if your vehicle is for $5,000, the service will cover your car for more than its actual cost, i.e., up to $12,500.

All claims adjusters are expert mechanics who have the technical expertise to gauge and verify all legit claims. The primary purpose of the firm so to ensure that there is no denying any legitimate complaints. 

The recent announcement of the expansion of the services, confirms the company resolve to be an industry leader in auto protection and services.


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