HiringSolved Removes Critical Barriers for Complex and High-volume Hiring With Release of Powerful Recruiting Automation Software

HiringSolved R6 adds new applicant scoring, insights, and email messaging features, creating greater efficiencies for talent acquisition leaders.

Chandler, Arizona, UNITED STATES

CHANDLER, ARIZ., Sept. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HiringSolved, the leader in AI-powered software for recruiting and talent acquisition automation, announced today the production release of powerful recruiting automation platform R6 (formerly TalentFeed+), removing critical barriers for complex and high-volume hiring. HiringSolved will roll out R6 at this year’s HR Technology® Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas. Stop by booth 837 to get a closer look. 

“I’m incredibly proud of our team for producing such a great product. HiringSolved R6 introduces a completely new level of recruiting automation and data-driven intelligence which will transform both the quality and productivity of the average recruiter,” said HiringSolved CEO Shon Burton. “We have already proven how this technology can be applied to the talent acquisition workflow to decrease the frustrating busy-work involved in hiring, saving time, and enabling the recruiter to focus more on personal communication and elevating the candidate experience.”

R6 builds upon HiringSolved’s award-winning Talent Search Engine, introducing several new features, including an all-new applicant scoring feature called Jobs and an automated email feature called Messages. 

  • Jobs gives real-time applicant scoring for all jobs. Scoring is based on a five-star scale on which all applicants are scored between zero and five stars. Scoring is automatic and happens instantly. The new Jobs feature works on both structured and unstructured job requirements. HiringSolved’s scoring algorithm works automatically to score candidates and then enable automation based on the score. Recruiting Artificial Intelligence (RAI), the first AI assistant for recruiters with full voice and natural language capabilities, is also integrated into this feature; a user can analyze the applicant pool and easily automate job actions. For example, a user can ask, “RAI, how many of the applicants have a master’s degree?”
  • Messages enables users to easily send automated email messages to groups of candidates or job applicants. Email messages use flexible customizable templates and can even be automated by using RAI. For example, a user can simply speak a request to RAI such as, “Email all five-star candidates in this job to set up a call.” RAI will automatically create the email and send it once the user approves.
  • Insights provides real-time analytics on the talent pool. Insights includes deep information for each job, as well as the total talent pool available in the ATS, CRM, or HRIS data sources. The integration with RAI means that Insights can produce real-time diversity analytics on a per-job or talent-pool basis, or respond to questions such as, “How many of our jobs require experience with mobile?” Also, RAI can compare the ATS talent pool with data from the open web to give a holistic view of available talent that no other platform can match.
  • RAI HiringSolved’s award-winning AI technology has been expanded and enhanced from its introduction in R5 to be able to automatically write and send emails on the integrated Messages platform, as well as provide analytics, diversity features, and sourcing functions like candidate-to-job matching and more.


“We implemented HiringSolved because they are a company that understands talent acquisition. They have expert practitioners who understand what we do and how to apply their AI technology to our workflow,” said Donna Dolfe, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Lowe’s Companies Inc. 

In 2016, HiringSolved released the Talent Rediscovery Platform, R5, with automated candidate sourcing (matching), AI assisted search, and the ability to instantly mine talent pools in the customer’s ATS, CRM, and HRIS data. The R5 platform has proved to increase recruiter productivity by reducing the time recruiters spend sourcing, searching, matching, reviewing resumes, and other functions. HiringSolved R6 builds upon the success of R5 with Messaging, Jobs, Insights, and an enhanced RAI to help recruiters find and engage with talent even faster. Visit hiringsolved.com to learn more about HiringSolved’s talent discovery capabilities with R6.  

About HiringSolved

Recently named one of 2019’s Most Innovative Companies in Artificial Intelligence by Fast Company magazine, HiringSolved seeks to make hiring better by making software smarter. HiringSolved uses AI and machine learning to automate candidate matching, increase diversity, reduce the time it takes to fill jobs, analyze the social web, and unlock the power of your ATS, CRM, and HRIS data, increasing efficiency by 10X or more. For more information, visit hiringsolved.com.



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