Fort Lauderdale, FL,, Sept. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OptimumBank Holdings, Inc. (www.OptimumBank.com) (the “Company”), the parent company of OptimumBank, a bank that provides a wide range of consumer and commercial banking services to individuals and businesses, is pleased to announce the Federal Reserve Board (“FRB”) terminated the Written Agreement with the Company.

The Written Agreement dated October 22, 2010 prohibited the Company, without prior approval of the FRB, from paying cash dividends, taking dividends or payments from  OptimumBank, making interest, principal or other distributions on account of the Junior Subordinated Debenture, incurring, increasing or guaranteeing any debt, purchasing or redeeming any shares of stock or appointing any new director or senior executive officer.

“It’s a great day for OptimumBank. We feel this action is validation that management is running a fine well capitalized institution. The termination of the Written Agreement  provides the Company the flexibility to look at other avenues of business generation to provide increased shareholder value” noted Moishe Gubin, Chairman of OptimumBank.

About OptimumBank Holdings, Inc.

OptimumBank Holdings, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and operates through three banking offices located in Broward County, Florida. OptimumBank Holdings, Inc. operates as the bank holding company for OptimumBank (the “Bank”) which provides a wide range of consumer and commercial banking services to individuals and businesses. The Bank accepts demand interest-bearing and noninterest-bearing, savings, money market, NOW, and time deposit accounts, as well as certificates of deposit The Bank offers residential and commercial real estate, commercial, and consumer loans, as well as lending lines for working capital needs. It also provides debit and ATM cards; investment, cash management, and notary and night depository services; and direct deposits, money orders, cashier's checks, domestic collections, drive-in tellers, and banking by mail, as well as Internet banking services.

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Investor Relations

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